The Food Truck Garage.

The boy and I have been trying some of the new food places popping up around Auckland recently, and our latest adventure was to The Food Truck Garage. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, it’s the brain child of New Zealand celebrity chef Michael Van de Elzen and plays on the values brought out in his hit kiwi tv show; all his food is meant to be fast (it was), fresh (tick) and healthy (pretty good on that one too).

On the rainy Saturday afternoon that we dropped in it was pumping and we had to wait for a table (it wasn’t too long). I ordered a chicken salad, the boy got himself a “beet” burger (think beef and beetroot combined into a burger patty), we also got some prawn tacos and baked chips for the table. It all came out reasonably quick and seemed fresh and tasty.Image

My salad was huge, there was heaps of chicken and plenty of beetroot and swede, although I wish I knew what was in the rather dubiously named “Michael’s secret dressing”, because it was damn good. I could only eat about 50% of my plate, luckily the boy is half man half dustbin, so nothing went to waste. I also tried a small bite of the burger it was fresh and light– I loved the spelt flour bun. The prawn tacos were good too, with a nice kick of spice. On the other hand, the baked chips weren’t anything to write home about. Next time (and yes there will be a next time) I will skip those and replace them with many more plates of tacos – tacos all round.

I thought it was a great little extra to see that the special of the week was what had been cooked on the food truck TV show that week – I simply love interactive ways to tie in things like that (especially when they enhance my lazy TV watching).

This little (actually kind of big) place is definitely worth a stop, and its surrounding of the new City Works Depot are great to have a wander around while you wait for your table.


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