Best Ugly Bagel.

Despite being so full after our lunch at The Food Truck Garage, the boy and I couldn’t resist stopping in at Best Ugly Bagel. The smell quite literally drew us in as we walked back to the car. Once inside, we were enchanted with the open plan kitchen that meant you could actually watch everything happening. There is nothing I love more than seeing my food created in front of me and the production line of bagel creating process was so interesting to watch – who knew bagels could be wood fired?

We got a simple sesame bagel between us and picked the homemade hazelnut spread on top. They were a thinner bagel to any I have ever had and oddly lighter – and that worked for me as it didn’t have the stodgy feel that bagels I’ve had in the past do. And that spread, gorgeous! I need to go back to give some of the more meaty options a go (I’m thinking tomato, avocado and basil has my name on it), or perhaps a different bagel base, the boy liked the look of cinnamon and raisin (baked into the bagel).

They also sell packs of bagels at a damn good price. Props Al Brown. You are seriously picking up the food game ball in Auckland right now.



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