Usually the boy’s obsession with buying vouchers online is bad, he buys every food related thing he can find on Grabone or Groupon. We not only have a backlog of degustations to book, we also have hundreds of cheap meals at odd cafes you’ve never heard of and an abundance of two for one deals at fast food joints. It feels like an ever-owing debt to every food outlet in Auckland. But this one was good, really good (shhhh), it was for a ten course tasting menu at the chefs table (think teppanyaki – but ridiculously fancy) at Euro.

Here are my pictures and menu notes.


Wagu with osceitra cavier A melt in the mouth beef that was lovely, but it wasn’t a wow dish. Maybe not the best start (always good to start with a bang).

Regal salmon tartare with saffron yoghurt & wasabi crunch Looked fairly unattractive but tasted sweet and had an interesting egg yolk style sauce (the saffron and yoghurt) that ran all over the tartare when “cracked”.

Crayfish salad with apple & capsicum Simple, fresh and gorgeous, I love the combo of apple and seafood.

Paua & crab with cucumber & mango This was my first experience of paua – and it was seriously yum. A completely amazing plate of food.


Venison carpaccio with horseradish custard & crispy capers Those crispy capers were one of the best things I have ever eaten. Ever.

Kiwi rubbed mahi mahi with avocado slaw & brioche slider The brioche really added a nice sweetness to this slider, and it was very tasty, but not the best I’ve had.

Canned peas with lamb rump & mint sauce Best dish of the night – a quirky take on tradition. The lamb was by far the best I have ever eaten. So beautifully cooked. Note to self, must buy sous-vide.

Lychee spoon Nice little refresher after a heavy course.


Ricotta cheese cake with plum & balsamic This was just what I had been waiting for to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Honey taco with mascarpone & honeyed shake I love the play of this cute taco and milkshake. If you put it all in your mouth at once it tasted like a sophisticated brandy snap. Yum.

At the end of the day, this was perfect for the boy and me. I ‘m sure we annoyed other diners around our table with our nagging questions on how to make olive oil caviar, the temperature the lamp was sous-vide at (57.5 degrees Celcius) and where on earth you can buy liquid Nitrogen (for food related activities – of course). But being foodies, and eager to learn, it was more than fascinating for us. I think the ability to be involved in the process helped to remove all of the pretension that can come with restaurants like that.

I completely loved it, the food was amazing and even the horrific advertising pitch for Simon Gault’s new food rub was bearable because the chef was enchanting.


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