She quit sugar.

Today I woke up feeling awful. The type of awful I used to feel on Saturday mornings when I was 19. My head was pounding and my stomach was in knots. But last night I didn’t drink. In fact alcohol hasn’t passed my lips in almost two weeks. The reason I felt this way was sugar.

Last night, a friend of mine came over and we had a very tame Friday night with a heavy focus on chatting, reality TV and hot beverages. Sugar free hot beverages even. But after she left, with the taste of (faux) chocolate in my mouth I went crazy. We don’t keep much sweet stuff in the house, so like a freak I frantically searched the pantry (wildly throwing things around the kitchen). I came across a stash of cooking chocolate. I ate the lot. It was a sad affair, and I went to bed quite upset with myself.

The truth is I wasnt angry with myself for eating chocolate. I have, on the whole, a very healthy diet and a pretty active life style, so some treats every now and then is totally fine. I was angry that something took control of me to the extent that this craving did.

So, when on our usual Saturday morning wonder around town, I came across this book…


I’ve only read a couple of chapters thus far, and boy does the idea of quitting sugar scare the shit out of me. But it also interests me. Even if simply cutting back lessens some of the ridiculous “need” I feel it would be good.

I’m going to start with week 1 of Sarah Wilson’s 8 week sugar-free guide. I know that in exactly one week the boy and I have a rather lovely dinner planned and I will not say no to the included dessert in that degustaion. So, for now I will do week one of the guide and review it once 7 days is up (over dessert), to see if continuing the journey is something I want to do.

Sarah suggests that week one is a simple cut back and trying to remove as much refined sugar as possible. So the rules I am setting myself for this week are:

1 No refined sugar at all. (This includes the hidden sugars you find in packaged foods.)

2 No agave. (Or processed sugar replacements.)

3 Fruit & honey are all good.

I should be OK as I don’t usually consume too much refined sugar, but a conscious effort to stop will be tough.

Especially on Monday – I know there is a rather amazing sounding birthday cake at work for our Deputy Editor’s birthday. I may have to experiment with some nice refined sugar free recipes to keep me at bay when the cake is handed around.

I will keep you posted on my progress. Maybe you should join me?


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