I quit sugar days one & two.

So, its two days into this no sugar thing.

Saturday went well but lunch presented a bit of a conundrum. You don’t really realise what could possibly be in the food you order at cafes until you are tasked with eliminating something completely. Did my grilled zucchini with tahini sauce have sugar in it? What about my grilled eggplant stack?? What was hiding in there? I think I was safe. But it did give me a new perspective on people who have to cut things out for medical reasons, especially sugar. That bad boy is tossed around every kitchen – and not just in desserts.


Sunday was off to a great start, I even made some amazing sugar free ginger slice (recipe and info to come very soon). The troubles came when night fell (dun dun duuuun). I go to my parents for a big old Sunday roast every week, which I did, but we usually finish the night with a chocolate fest and I did notice that my small square of ginger slice looked a lot less exciting in the dim light of chocolate. My eyes were searching the chocolate bowl for my usual suspects (yes my parents have a chocolate bowl, plus a never ending supply of biscuits, coke and all things tempting and no, they are not suffering the consequences and are both annoyingly svelte). Despite the longing, I survived and walked away with my head held high and my tummy refined sugar free.

It is now Monday and I’m at work where a bag of rather amazing lollies was just shared around. On top of that, cake is coming out in 30 minutes and counting for a staff birthday. I’ve armed myself with another couple of pieces of ginger crunch to see me through this tough time.

Not quit sure how I will mange the week, but I know I will. (I have committed to it on the internet after all – that’s like swearing an oath right?). The thing that’s really baffling me at the moment is how anyone can resist this stuff on a permanent basis without completely uprooting their life (and being a bit of a weirdo)?


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