My thoughts on a sugar free week.

Today I finished my personal ‘refined sugar free week’ challenge. Today I also have a horrid migraine. I think this headache is completely unrelated to my week, because I felt pretty much great the entire time. And I (surprisingly) didn’t find it that hard.

When I left you last I was preparing myself for work cake time and guess what – I survived! The remainders of the cake even sat there for large chunks of the afternoon and I was completely un-phased. Result.


Over the next few days I noticed a couple of things. Malls are unfriendly places for those trying to make healthy choices. Shopping centres not only have a thousand sweet “bars”, it’s also chocker block with candy ads ready to entice. Also, movie theatres are hell. It smells like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and feels like every person around you is not only consuming sugar, but also staring at you while they are doing it.

Other than those two tricky situations I really enjoyed going off refined sugar.

The boy seemed intrigued by the idea too and we started switching out our usual bowl of fruit for breakfast for bacon and eggs (so yum) to reduce some of fructose intake.

I think I’m going to continue. I won’t currently follow dear Sarah’s 8 weeks detox plan, because I know I don’t respond very well to complete cut-off situations (I am just SUCH a rebel), and I have a few things coming up within the 8 weeks time period that I want to fully experience and enjoy (yes, I’m talking birthday cake).


But I am going to continue with pretty much completely cutting out refined sugar and playing with the idea of keeping my fruit intake to a couple of pieces a day. At the end of meals with out sugar I felt full and satisfied. My skin looks great (if I do say so myself) and I don’t miss it as much as I thought I would.

I felt like a stronger person for saying no to the things that weren’t helping my body this week.

My thoughts on Sarah’s book? It a good read, and I recommend it. I would personally prefer an entire chapter on eating out. The truth is, people do it a lot, and ensuring that the food you order is sugar free is near impossible. Maybe a guide to ordering? Or some great cuisine options? For me I also like to get down to the nitty gritty a bit more that this book allows. I’ve been substituting by reading “Sweet Poison” by David Gillespie – this is a lot more medical and in-depth, but it did help me to understand a lot more of what sugar has actually been doing to us as a society in the past few hundred years.


This sounds like I’m preaching and believe me – I’m not. I do whole heartedly believe that “all things in moderation” is a great, true and healthy motto to live by. I think the notion of swearing off sugar completely is unrealistic and unnecessary. But I do like knowing what I am putting in my body, I like being educated on what a piece of red velvet cake will do to me after I’ve demolished it. I think one of the worst failings of our society is that we simply do what we want, and think of the effect on ourselves or the people around us later. The people who write these books and follow these lifestyles aren’t crazy, they are dedicated to what they believe in. Like athletes who train twice a day. I myself, I don’t want to win a gold medal in a sugar free lifestyle, but I sure as hell don’t want to blindly wade through my life not understand what my body needs. I am looking forward to using the tools and information these week has given me to move forward and fold it into my everyday life.


On that note, tonight I am off for an Italian extravaganza with six courses of non-paleo sugar laden food that I will eat up, enjoy and not feel guilty about in the slightest. Because I gave my body this week of health – now I am going to give it a night of pure indulgence, and I can’t wait.


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