Ode to the boyfriend Jean.

Hello internet world, My name is Isobel, and I am little.

So little in fact people often comment on it (and not just people I meet for the first time, friends I’ve known for years). This constant reminder of my stature tends to come hand in hand with a squeaky voice. Apart from the squeaks and the occasional inability to reach things on high shelves I’m usually ok with my size/shape/height. But hell, you know what’s not ok? How bloody hard it is for me to find clothes to fit.

I (hand on heart) believe in retail therapy – and I need (yes need) to shop sometimes. But most places simply don’t go down small enough for me. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a wafer thin and complaining about how irritatingly beautiful and slender I am. No. I am a regularly shaped person, but 80% smaller. So yes, often clothes don’t fit around the waist, but they are also too long (I’m making cuffing in fashion because I’m way too lazy to take things up), sleeves are bigger and shoulders too broad. I effectively look like a small child wearing her mothers clothes – in everything I own (including my shoes).

That was a long winded way of saying thank you world (a very grumpy thank you), because boyfriend jeans are big right now. And I can dig into that pile of never worn denim purchases that towers at the top of my closet and say “hell yeah, I’m so in fashion”, when in fact the jeans I’m wearing are just regular peoples jeans (not my boyfriends at all). Shhh. Its my little secret.

BoyFImages from lookbook.nu

So I’m going to wear this trend to death. And you should too. Even if you aren’t vertically challenged like me. Because you will look hot. And you can have huge lunches and hide your food babies under piles of denim, and you can feel insanely comfortable in on trend trousers that are pretty much pajamas made out of heavy duty cotton. If you aren’t like me and ordinary pants won’t look boyfriendy on you, buy these (below). They are my pick of all the boyfriend jeans I’ve seen, and they are only $59.99 from Glassons. Score.

Look-Two-6301Image from Style Keeper.

In conclusion, I’m not letting go of my over sized jeans until I stop looking like the pages of Vogue and start looking like Justin Bieber’s entourage. Then, and only then, will I return to buying my trousers in the kids section, and if they happen to have Dora The Explorer sewn onto my ass somewhere – deal with it.


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