I ran in the rain.


Just a quick update (if you didn’t get that from the friendly feline above).

This morning I went for a run. It was my longest so far (12k) and although I did it, it was slow and bloody tough. I’m pretty sure mother nature reads my blog (hey there) because she made my last running post come true, and I ran in the rain. It was drizzling at first and I thought “hell yeah I can do this” (I’m such a tough guy – right? Wrong). Then, at almost exactly half way, the clouds opened up and torrential rain hit. Rain and super cold wind that happened to be gusting right into my face. Not pleasant. Not encouraging. But I did it. So, I not only ran my longest distance, I ran it in the worst weather conditions I ever have. It doesn’t really feel like a win (it just feels cold and damp), but now I have done that, maybe the next run won’t be so tough. Fingers crossed.

Gosh do I hope I never live in a really cold country (I might actually have to stop being a total baby). I’m lucky to live in the pretty damn toasty Auckland, New Zealand. If I ever find myself in Oymyakon (Russia), I think I will have to take up a new sport. Like competitive vodka drinking.


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