JHo got me feelin’ feminine.


I’ve always had a soft spot for Miss Juliette. She was one of the first designers I watched in an actual (real life) fashion show, way back when she was in the up and coming selection of peeps in New Zealand fashion week many years ago. She always has a strikingly feminine touch to her designs that really works for me (I’m sure that’s her biggest concern). Her last few collections have also masterfully mixed in some masculine boxy cuts and bold colours to contrast the floaty fabrics and floral prints. But I really feel that her latest collection, Kalidoscope, Juliette is going back to her routes (yay). This fabulously aloof and feminine style to her clothes is captivating. I love the mostly muted tones (with a gorgeous “wow” print in navy and teal), I love the floral fabrics and more than anything I love the front split skirt.

I’m so glad that she has bought back some of the origins of her design because this side of Juliette is (in my opinion) what got her to where she is, and is her best asset as a New Zealand designer. I am not so glad that she doesn’t want to be featured in my weekly rag (New Idea) – because boy if she did, I would make sure every piece in these pictures made it into my pages.


JHo3All images from Juliette Hogan’s Faebook page.


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