Blogs with 3 word URLs are rad.


At my job I get to meet people all the time (yay), and one of the people I met yesterday on a location shoot was model/personal trainer and nutritionist (yes one human being can do all of that stuff), Samantha Bluemel. As well as rocking the camera, Sam was also buzzing with energy and enthusiasm about her philosophy in life, “looking after your body the right way, from the inside out through a combination of nutrition and exercise”. We bonded over our similar foodie opinions and our love of bikram.

moveeatplay2 Image from Sam’s Instagram moveeatplay

Oh and also our blogs! Because Sam has one too. Move Eat Play is a gorgeous place to go for workout ideas, recipes and brilliant insight into living your life in a more whole way.

I felt inspired reading it. I also felt like entering “The Jean Challenge”, a boot camp led by Sam herself for twelve weeks (August 26 – November 22) that results in great prizes and a fit bod! Whats not to love?

So check out her website, enter the challenge and make her raw vegan carrot cake (yum).



2 thoughts on “Blogs with 3 word URLs are rad.

  1. Sounds goodl! Having a hard time sticking to paleo at the mo since we haven’t moved in to a house yet and have no cooking facilities where we’re staying 😦 Looking forward to eating good again!! Shoot looks amaze too xoxo

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