I am seriously starting to lust after summer at the moment. I am completely over the winter chill in the air and I want to get out and stop hiding behind a heater. To help, or maybe just to torture myself, I’ve been looking at gorgeous beach holidays (that I can’t afford), and picking out the perfect pieces to add to my packing list.


During my many (way too many) hours spent lost in the Internet, finding my way through swimwear, sandals and over sized sunnies I came across N.L.P.


N.L.P is an Australian brand of swimwear that looks like a bikini and a wetsuit had a baby. A beautiful baby that I want to own. A set of these and a tan (oh and a trip to the Maldives) is just what the doctor ordered to cure my mondayitis.



3 thoughts on “Mondayitis

  1. I like the idea of wetsuit material for um…better coverage. These look very sci-fi and would look great with neon hair at the beach or at a futuristic dress up party (if you had the body of course).

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