No Ryan Gosling? No worries.


I mentioned earlier that on my birthday one of the places I visited was Petit Bocal. And it was perhaps the best start to my day ever (ok, maybe having happy birthday sung to me by Ryan Gosling would’ve been better, but Bocal was damn good regardless). For those who haven’t visited this new(ish) Auckland hang out, it is a sweet, fresh, airy and oh so French. Filled with mason jars (hence the name that translates to “little jar”), the smell of coffee and piles of just baked pastries.

I ordered the baked eggs, which came in a Puy lentil and capsicum sauce with a side of sourdough. It was the perfect hearty breakfast, but in my haste I totally burnt my tongue, severing large numbers of my taste buds. The remaining ones, however, very much enjoyed it (imagine how good it would have been with all my taste buds in proper working order).

The boy grabbed himself the much acclaimed croque madame and (as always) I stole a few bites. Man was it good. Recently metro did an Auckland wide hunt for the best croque monsieur (which is a croque madame minus the egg on top), it was no surprise to me that Petit Bocal came out on top! It was rich, creamy and basically just the best ham and cheese toasty ever. Plus an egg. What could be better?

I complimented my meal with a super tasty coffee and the boy grabbed a tea from their extensive menu. We were both very happy campers.

This is not the first time I’ve popped in to this Sandringham local, a month or two ago I visited for an after dinner cheese platter with a friend. Needless to say it was this tiny taster that got me wanting to come back for more.

Now I am hooked. I need a Bocal hit. Next time I am planning on giving one of the amazing sounding salads a go, perhaps with one of the newly introduced cronuts on the side? Except I gave up sugar.

Damn me.



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