Drunk or not, Sunday Painters is a good idea.

If you haven’t been to Sunday Painters yet, you need to go. I know I say that about most of the places that I eat (probably because I am a big fatty and I love everything and anything I can chow down on). But Sunday Painters really is great.

SundayPainters SundayPainters2

Images from EAT HERE NOW

It’s a modest little place with mismatched vintage glassware, pristine linen napkins and black boards on easels. It had a warm feel with, with a classic edge. I felt instantly at home when I stepped in.

The menu was piled high with gorgeous sounding French cuisine. The boy felt adventurous and went for lamb rump, beetroot gratin, creamed spinach and crumbed lamb’s brain. I test tasted this (my second favourite thing, after eating, is eating other peoples food) and the brains were actually quite good! They were perfectly crispy on the outside and almost gooey on the inside. Another favourite from this dish was the beetroot gratin – yum.


Mother opted for the confit duck leg with parsnip pommes dauphine, brussel sprout puree and blackcurrant jus. Having had memories of brussel sprouts in her childhood over Christmas dinner, she was hesitant on the puree, but really liked it.

Dad and I tried the fish of the day, which was a baked snapper with a potato and celeriac croquette, pureed parsnip and blood orange salad. It was amazingly light and I loved the citrus kick from the salad. I always try ordering fish when I am out. It is something we don’t have that much of at home, and at great restaurants they always buy the most amazing produce.


Although the dessert menu was very tantalizing, we were heading home to the boys sugar free, dairy free, grain free carrot cake. Next time however, I have my eye on the chocolate tart with hazelnut meringue and toast parfait!

SundayPainters5 SundayPainters6

I think I may have been a little bias, because when I visited it was not only my birthday, but I helped polish of a rather lovely bottle of Chablis. Drunk on not, I would go back. And back. And back.


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