Kicking the habit: acne cures and sugar fiends.


I think I’ve discovered the cure for acne! No, maybe not, but the first and most insanely noticeable change since cutting out sugar has been my skin. It is miles clearer and my skin tone has evened out dramatically. Great!

What’s not so great is the crazy sugar fiend that roars her unattractive head at precisely 330pm and then again post dinner – like every day.

So yes, it’s seven days into my detox. To recap, I’m doing Sarah Wilson’s ‘I Quit Sugar’ eight-week plan. Technically the first two weeks are all about cutting back, so I skipped straight to week three, because I’ve been slowly cutting down my sugar for a few months now. For those of you a little confused about what I am or am not eating…

I have cut out all sugar. This (rather obviously) means I’m eating no refined sugar, and I’m reading labels like a nut job to check for sneaky sugar added (seriously – almost everything has it). No sugar replacement (sweeteners). No honey/maple syrup/rice syrup/any of those sorts of things (I know, I know, all that stuff is “all natural”, but it’s sugar, so its out). Finally, no fruit.


The idea of going cold turkey on bananas is the part that sits funny with me, I can’t get my head around the idea that fruit could be negative. But Sarah has convinced me that this “detox” is simply that, it is a period of time to reset your body. Once I nip my sugar cravings/dependency in the bud, I can introduce the correct amount of fruit back into my diet.

I know its controversial, and I’m not going to pretend I have all the answers, my research so far seems to support Sarah’s notion that a couple of pieces of fruit a day is the best number to stick to on a daily basis (and no other sugars at all) once back to my normal eating (aka post detox).

Anyway, enough of the nitty gritty! Back to what’s been going on through out this week.

I’ve been easing up my paleo ways. I still completely believe in the benefits (and have been reaping them for some time) of primal eating, but I’m also painfully aware of my own limits right now. Cutting out so much and leaving myself with no “treats” at all is a bit tricky (especially for the early stages). So I’m letting myself indulge in a bit more dairy (think full fat milk/yoghurt and some cheese). I’m not going crazy with it, but if I feel the pangs of dessert cravings, a few slices of creamy cheese to satisfy my need to indulge are keeping me sane. As the weeks continue I can cut down and down on these last vices until I am pure, clean and brilliant!


It has been a hard seven days, if anyone ever says kicking sugar to the curb is easy – well they are SO wrong. Simply living your life is tough on sugar free. It doesn’t mean you CAN’T do things like go out for dinner, but it means you have to be conscious of every single thing that passes you lips. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just not always and easy one.

I’m starting to turn a corner and feel really good, I’m noticing that my energy is consistently up through out the day, I feel a lot fuller after my delicious sugar-free meals, and as I mentioned before, my skin clearing up.

Saviors? Peppermint tea (it’s an amazing sugar craving killer) and nuts (roasted, tossed with cinnamon, and mixed through yoghurt – serious sugar free dessert right there).


Watch out for? Flavoured tea – If it’s fruit flavoured, likelihood is that they actually contain fruit (which isn’t bad, but if you are on this detox, they should be nixed). Another tea I found the other day was a “Crème Brulee” tea, and rather obviously that was PACKED with sugar, so read EVERY label. Bar none. Not even tea is safe from added sugar.

I’m having a love/hate relationship with the detox currently. But I am still excited to see how I feel, and how many changes I notice, come the end of this journey.

Hopefully the roaring sugar fiend stops popping in to say hi. Oh an I also hope people at work stop getting older – because all the cakes I can’t eat are driving me mental!


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