An open letter to an old Spice.


I’m still struggling to get my brain around the fact that my least favourite Spice Girl, renowned for her collection of spaghetti strap black mini dresses is now a fashion maven. She has done a complete switch up (also the Olsen twins – never saw that one coming either). Although when I see her stiletto clad silhouette I still can’t shake that heavy lip liner look that 12-year-old girls around the world tried to copy (and failed), I think she does an incredible job as a designer. And unlike most singers turned to fashion, she demands respect, deserves it, and gets it.

Victoria showed at New York Fashion Week yesterday, then followed up with her ‘Victoria’ by Victoria Beckham range today.

Victoria2 Victoria3 Victoria4 Victoria5

So, in light of her recent fashion week glow, I wrote an open letter to an old Spice.

Hey Vicky!

Wowsa, haven’t you done a bloody good job! How are you? The kids? And your hunk of a husband? Great! Well, I just wanted to say sorry I didn’t pay attention to you when you were in the Spice Girls. Sorry I made jokes about your severe haircut and ill-fitting singlet dresses. I was young and naive and you almost never wore those cool platform shoes (in hindsight, good move). But, you have taken your ridiculous persona of “posh” and pushed it into a beautiful, clean cut, streamlined and gorgeously tailored collection after collection. I always covet your bags and you were recently snapped in my favourite piece in the latest Victoria collection (I plan on saving every penny I can to snap it up when it hits net-a-porter).


Thanks for teaching me not to judge a book by its previous life as a pop star, and thank you for keeping the style inspiration flowing.


P.s. Harper looks goddamn gorgeous in front row! Snaps for having a gorgeous baby and gorgeous collection!!


Images from Instagram, and Splash


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