Bathing in sugarless pain.

Today is the first time I’ve really felt like I’m missing out with this sugar quitting thing. Cronuts showed up at work and I couldn’t have them. They are (for those of you who’ve been living under a rock) a combination of a croissant and a donut. So basically, pastry heaven. Not only do I love both of these things, I’m also a sucker for crazy food fads and I entirely support creativity (and madness) in the kitchen.

It sounds melodramatic (probably because it is) but I was completely gutted. Simply miserable that I couldn’t tuck in, like everyone else around me. I know I am lucky that this is this first time I’ve seriously come across sugar envy/cravings. But right now I don’t feel lucky. I feel grumpy. I feel like throwing my toys, having a tantrum, shouting (loudly), stomping my feet and I seriously feel like eating sugar.

But I won’t. Instead I will just look and it and feel sorry for myself, bathing in my stupid, self inflicted sugarless pain.

cronut cronut2 cronut3 cronut4 cronut5


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