The other week, in little old Auckland, it was New Zealand fashion week. I didn’t really comment on it, mostly because I found it a fairly unremarkable (which is a damn shame, because I think New Zealand has some really amazing things to offer the world of fashion). One show I did enjoy however, was Coop.

Coop is a diffusion range by kiwi designer Trelise Cooper, it’s younger, more vibrant and sometimes even a touch more affordable. Her collection for fashion week was wildly varied with bright pleather boxy dresses, neck cuffs, harem shorts, fluffy hot pants and an insanely gorgeous magenta coat. Some disagree, but I love a collection with pieces that come from all walks of earth. When a designer has been so strict to the “aesthetic of the collection” that all they show is 5 different cuts in different prints or colours, I feel a little (or a lot) ripped off. Coop was very far from that. There was something for any one, at any occasion.

MondayCoop2 MondayCoop3 MondayCoop4 MondayCoop5 MondayCoop6

All images by Foureyes.

You know what really gets my goat about fashion week though? You have to wait. It seems like torture to parade beautiful pieces of clothing in front of you, and they won’t even be in the shops for months and months. Not good for a materialistic, instantly gratified ladies like me.

To quieten my inner voice screaming “YOU NEED THAT COAT, MAGENTA GOES WITH EVERYTHING AND THIS SUMMER WILL DEFINITELY BE COLD ENOUGH” (it won’t be), I looked at Coop’s summer collection to see if there was anything I could sink my teeth into. And you know what? There was!


This skort (yes this is a skort, the hypothetical baby if a skirt and pair of shorts were lovers) reminds me of when I was a kid. A terribly misguided kid who wore Pocahontas leggings, skorts, bike shorts (when not on a bike) and then trend that has (fingers crossed) died a decent death, trousers skirts*.

This delicate pink, waffle cotton skort will not only give me my Coop hit (and hopefully quieten my inner fashion junkie) it may also go some way in repenting the fashion sins of a kid. So, this Monday, to cure not only my Monday morning blues, but also to rid myself of fashion guilt (similar to Catholic guilt, but with more shoes) and to dull the pangs of magenta coat lusting, these Coop skorts are all that will do.

Not sure how I will make up for the trousers skirts though.

*What is with the 90’s and combining things with skirts? Why can a skirt not just be a skirt? Man, I really do breach worlds toughest questions in this blog.


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