Foodie inspiration with Rachel McAdams and Zefron.


One of the best resources for keeping up a healthy diet and eating sugar free/paleo/really any health kick you are on? It’s the Internet of course. With a world of blogs, ebooks and online magazines it’s crazy to think people can’t find healthy noms. Here are a few places that I always head back to:

Petite Kitchen This is my favourite recipe resource, created by a like minded Kiwi girl (who I actually went to high school with). It isn’t specifically paleo or sugar free, but it is very clean and organic, and her simple recipes can be easily adapted to suit most dietary requirements. This talented cook is also coming out with her own cookbook soon and I can’t wait!


I Quit Sugar The blog is a great recourse for some of Sarah’s more common recipes (like her tasty raspberry ripple), it’s also good for people giving up the white stuff as it is filled with great articles and support.


PaleoOMG & Elena’s Panty The ingredients in both these blogs can sometimes be a little tricky to find in little old NZ, but can usually be adapted. These websites are so filled with recipes it’s impossible not to find something you would love.

As well as those, I usually have a collection of cookbooks around me to tantalise my taste buds and keep the inspiration following, like It’s All Good by Gwyneth, Eat Your Veg by Arthur Potts Dawson and Dr’ Libby’s Real Food Chef by Dr Libby Weaver.

To be honest, it’s unusual that I follow a recipe straight up. I use these as guides, ideas and starting points to play with my own flavours. The Boy quite likes to stick to recipes, so together we can butt heads in the kitchen, but it usually evolves into a nice balance. Often, my theory in the kitchen is more is more. (Actually, in every part of my life really. More shoes? Yes! More dessert? Of course! More Zac Efron? Duh!) So I tend to make little things that are packed with flavour. People often think that healthy equals bland, and my experience is the complete opposite. By trying to source the most amazing, fresh and clean ingredients I tend to find that the meals I sit down to eat are screaming with flavour. Never underestimate the punch fresh herbs or extra garlic can give your food.


The idea that finding a “clean” recipe is hard is absolutely ridiculous. It isn’t even a case of knowing where to find them, it’s a case of googling. Good hot words for googling recipes are paleo, sugar-free and clean. Healthy can be good, but do make sure to double-check the sources that are claiming health. (I once found a ”super nutritious and healthy” chocolate cake recipe. Sure, it had some grated beetroot, but it also had 3 cups of sugar, refined white flower, nearly a block of butter and countless other ingredients that are best kept to a minimum. That’s kind of like grating some carrot onto your candyfloss and calling it a salad.) Using these buzzwords should help you find recipes that are free of packaged/added/chemical anything (yay).

So, get out there, check out these places, look at your recipe books and have a play. Changing up your diet is in no way a shackle to restrain your palette, but an invitation to play, to experiment and to push those boundaries.

Do I sound as corny as a Rachel McAdams movie? Good. I love her movies.


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