My senile feline MacBook Pro.

So, I am having some serious first world problems right now. Not only have my all time favourite runners called it quits, I’m having a seriously bad hair day and when I went to try The Fed, the latest and most awesome new restaurant in Auckland (I hear), it was shut. But also, my beautiful and loyal Mac Book Pro has kicked the bucket. She has been a slow machine for a while (and yes Dad, I have backed it up, wiped it, rebooted and deleted my 10648 emails), but it seems, much like a senile feline, she is mostly good for just sitting there and looking pretty.

Therefore I’m writing this to tell you I have some AMAZING things to say to you people and many continued ingenious anecdotes from my life, so please bare with me as I attempt to figure out how exactly to fill your lives with my wonderful words!

Until then, follow me on Instagram (isobelmasters) or Twitter (@IsobelMasters) to keep up your fashion fitness and food fix.


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