So, it is Monday, and my computer is fixed (well, slightly resurrected), thanks to my whole hearted dork of a boyfriend who I love very much in all his tech-geek glory.

You know what else is amazing about the fixing of my computer? I don’t have to miss my regular Mondayitis post, and I get to continue cheering up your retched Monday mornings with fabulous fashion finds and artfully amazing alliterations.

To make up for my week of absence I’m not going to tell you one Monday morning must have, no no no. I am going to bombard you with five. You heard me, five! Five things that you need (yes, need), not only to cheer up the start of your week, but to keep you chirpy all summer long.

Ah, summer, can you smell it? That my friends is the whiff of a new season! Yes, all that pining after summer collections is starting to pay off as new seasons are hitting stores.

So, the trends that I think will last all summer? The fashion hits that will still be tip top in a few months time (yes, fashion is a fickle and fast game)?






Get your mitts on any of these babies and not only will your Monday take a turn for the better, your summer season will look pretty damn good too.


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