Angry boyfriends, hair envy and Dr Who.


You know that feeling when you come out of a really good movie and life is, well, just a little bit sparkly? When what you’ve just seen touches you in a way that makes you feel invincible and generally more awesome (with a side of warm and fuzzy).

Well that is how I felt leaving the cinema on Sunday night. After an evening adventure to the Glenfield nights markets, a belly full of dumplings (five dollars for FIFTEEN) and a couple of hours in front of the latest Rachel McAdams flick, I was one happy lady.

About Time already had me in love with the combo of Richard Curtis (the director), my all time favourite leading lady and (of course) Bill Nighy. What’s not to love? Oh and there is time travel. Duh.


This glide through an ordinary couples life with an extraordinary twist has a great balance of humour, red haired hero’s and good quality English-ness that makes me home sick.  It’s a rom-com, with all the lashings of slightly nauseating love that makes boyfriends the world over shake their fists in anger as their partners trudge home muttering “why can’t you be more romantic”. And that is just why you should love it.

This movie is like Doctor Who meets Love Actually, so it’s pretty much my dream. I think you need to see it, and I think you need to try (as much as possible) to hold on to that feeling as you drive away. That feeling that you should stop and smell the roses, cleanse yourself of negativity and damn well get a fringe (even if you’ve only just grown one out).




Monday may be nearly over, so this post may seem like it’s a bit behind the times, but for me today has been without the blues because it’s a holiday in little old NZ! (Just to be selfish for a minute: I’ve spent the day lapping up the gorgeous sunshine and pounding the pavement in preparation for next weeks big run.) I do however think that Tuesday will bring a bad mood, because who likes going back to work after a three-day weekend?

So, this Tuesdayitis will need an extra special piece of retail therapy to cure it. And there is nothing more special (or more at the top of my “desperately need” list) than a Tara Wolf chakra bracelet.


What are chakras I hear you cry? According to Tara, “chakras are energy centres in the body. There are seven major chakras and each represents an emotion or psychological state (such as power, love or imagination). Chakra bracelets are prompts to remind us about ourselves, our thoughts and our aspirations”.

Whether there is truth behind all these big (and, honestly, a little wanky) words is beyond me, but I think there is real value in having a something to remind you to be at peace, and focus on the good things.


There is a girl in my office who writes post-its and sticks them all over her computer to remind her to “let it go”, “breath” and basically stop getting worked up over the small stuff. I love this idea. I think everyone needs more of it (yes, even you).

And hell, why not be reminded to stop sweating the small stuff with a damn beautiful bracelet?

So, shake the post holiday blues with some serious self-love, spirituality and sweet, sweet bling.

Oh, and dad, stop with the eye rolling.


All images from Tara Wolf Facebook page

Cocktail umbrellas and the most comfortable trousers ever.


I think I’m getting old.

Yes mum (and probably dad too), I hear you grunting and rolling your eyes at the suggestion of 25 being old.

But I’ve gone beyond the dislike of 4am home times and nights of candy flavoured alcoholic beverages served with mini umbrellas (ok, I still like the mini umbrellas). Now that I’ve hit that quarter century mark, I find complete joy in sitting down and just taking everything in, in me time, and in inner peace. (I know, inner peace, what even is that?)

I love taking walks, reading books and yoga. And I swear I am not 50.

I live a full life. A life that starts at 530am and often doesn’t end until late (late for an old person that is), and I like indulging in the silence that those activities bring. I’m not going to lie, in yoga I’m still getting the hang of the whole relaxation time, I do struggling not to start organizing what to eat for dinner, or wear to work, but I’m learning. You see, running is my planning time, but yoga is (as awful and corny as it sounds) my ‘me’ time.

Unfortunately I don’t get a huge amount of opportunity to do it, but recently I had the pleasure of attending a class run by none other than New Zealand yoga’s equivalent to Madonna (see I told you I was old, look at who my ‘queen of pop’ reference is), Nikki Ralston (pictured above).

It was a modest 830am start, and a room full of Kiwi fashion media poured in, got kitted out in Ice Breaker’s latest yoga gear, then kicked off with a good hour on the matt. It was the perfect start to a random Wednesday.


I don’t often write about the launches I go to, or much of my work related activities, because I think the internet can get clogged with too many people preaching how much they love something simply because it was handed to them on a plate, and too many regurgitated press releases disguising as reviews. This Ice Breaker launch however was different. It was peaceful. It wasn’t a room full of models showing you how good these pieces could look, it was a room full of you, road-testing how good these products could feel. And boy did they feel good. Made from merino, rather than the nylon that most of my work out gear is, it felt infinitely light and breathable. It bridged the perfect gap between loose and comfortable yet tight enough that it never got in the way. A complete win for any yoga (or perhaps pilates) session. Plus the tops were super bright, and who doesn’t like Bright gym gear? You need to own that shit! Stand loud and proud in your orange singlet and yell at the top of your lungs “I AM WORKING OUT, THAT MAKES ME BETTER THEN ANYONE WHO IS NOT” … I kid, I kid. Sort of.

After an hour with Nikki, we were offered breakfast and green smoothies. I was one happy camper, walking to work on an unusually sunny hump-day sipping on a juice (in the most comfortable merino capri’s ever).


Hand on heart, I wore those damn yoga pants all day (yes, to work) and it took A LOT for me to actually change into pjs come the end of the day.

Taking that time for myself in the morning really set me up for a great day.

So, mum (and dad), I really do think I’m getting old, wise, and all those things you hoped you would instil in me. Because right now, I’m way more excited about reading a good book, getting into bed nice and early and putting on my damn yoga pants (and not taking them off) than I ever was about sneaking out of my bedroom window after you guys went to bed.

Sorry about that by the way. Sort of.

Molest your way to a new bag.


Just a quick update to say, to all my wonderful Auckland dwelling followers, Deadly Ponies (the brand I talked, ok raved, about here) has recently opened a real life shop! I know, I am beyond excited too! My bank balance, however, is not.

You will find this little beauty above Lord Ponsonby Antiques on the corner of Ponsonby Rd and Williamson Ave, on the first floor. This guerrilla store launched at the beginning of the month, and is home to the current collection in its entirety, as well as a selection of bespoke pieces and custom items (eek).

I believe there is something seriously amazing about actually feeling, touching and experiencing things like incredibly made handbags (and shoes). So, get yourself down to Ponsonby and molest your way to your newest accessory.

WARNING: I do not take responsibility for you falling in love, and I will not answer to angry other halves or bank managers when you max out all credit cards on a bespoke bag.




So, we’ve picked up on my love of animal adorned fashion right? Great! So my latest obsession with somehow acquiring a pair of the world’s most expensive flats, that happen to be adorned with cats, comes at no surprise then.

For those of you who aren’t slightly obsessed with willowy, tomboy style queen, Alexa Chung (whom I love dearly, but am yet to figure out how she actually GOT famous), you won’t necessarily be aware of the best and most fashionable flats around. So check out these pictures and tell me (go on TELL ME) they aren’t the greatest statement shoe ever (while still remaining oddly subtle).


Who doesn’t want these Charlotte Olympia kitty shoes?! Who ever said “me”, you are crazy and should probably be shot*.

So, today the only thing that will cure my Monday morning fog is to channel my inner crazy cat lady (not that it is very well hidden inside) and wear these babies all day. (Whilst prancing around putting on a British accent and pretending to be Alexa.)

*Before all you boring people who hate cat shoes start complaining about my hideous suggestion of death, I didn’t mean it. I am sure you are just lovely people who simply have different taste in footwear to me. FREAKS.


Weightlifting, ass class and hundred dollar bills.


I thought that I didn’t quite have enough fitness fads going on in my life. You know, paleo, bikram, running, gyming and sugar free. I felt like my health plate was looking a little empty (yes, yes, I’m a crazy woman), so I signed up for a month of CrossFit.

Yup. CrossFit. That fitness buzz that has been labelled a ‘cult’. The one with daunting pictures of people lifting weights bigger than themselves. Well, I thought I would give it a go.

They don’t really let you join a CrossFit gym without doing an intro course. It makes complete sense, because a lot of CrossFit workouts involve heavy lifting, and you need to be doing it right or you will get hurt. So, don’t skip out these and think you will sale on through. You will probably die*.

I am just over two weeks through my four-week intro (at CrossFitNZ) and I must admit, I’m kind of addicted. I wish I could give a full CrossFit class a go, just to get a proper gauge of the intensity. What I am doing right now is a lot of learning, recapping and then short bursts of the most intense exercise I’ve ever done.


I’ve never been into motivational quotes. Especially the kind you are meant to say in your head when running up a particularly difficult hill. In fact I usually take the piss out of them, and the people who use them. But, at my last CrossFit session, the workout was so difficult; I found one slipping out (well out into my brain – I didn’t actually say it out loud, that would’ve been a new level of workout geek that I am so not ready for).

What was my mantra I hear you cry? To help me get through my last 400 metre sprint I was saying “you will only let yourself down” in my head. Sounds a bit negative for a motivational quote doesn’t it? Strange that. What I was refer to was my deep desire to skip half the run. You see, no one was watching me. The run was like a lap outside the actual gym and I was a sufficient time behind the guy in front, and ahead of the guy behind me, that I could have cut a corner (or three). And my entire sore and exhausted body was begging me to do it.

I must admit, I suffer from this thought a lot. Like when I’m my regular ‘Rear Attitude’ gym class (or as I like to call it, ass class), and they say do 100 squats… its not unusual for me to just skip 10. I am competitive and I like being first, being fast, beating the rest, and as horrid a characteristic as it is, I am wiling to cheat to get there. (Now before I get a million complaints or fist waggling complainers, when I say cheat, I mean in a very superficial, picking up an extra $100 when I pass go on Monopoly, kind of way. Not like writing the answers to exams on my arm sort of way.)

Well, last week I wasn’t willing to cheat and I did run every single INCH I was meant to. Because you know what? My CrossFit trainer doesn’t care. It doesn’t change his life if I fudge a few metres on my run. It’s me, and my body, we are the ONLY people who loose out if I don’t do the full workout.

So, although I wish I could be pushed harder, faster and improve quicker in these four weeks, I think the lessons starting to come out are invaluable. Because the truth is, if I don’t do the work, I won’t see the results I want, and thats all on me.

In conclusion, good people of blogosphere, learn from my mistakes and don’t skive off on your workouts. It doesn’t matter if you finish last, first or not at all, just push your absolute hardest and next time it will be a little easier and you will be a little better.

Also, don’t judge me on the cheating thing ok? I admitted that shit on the internet man, that takes balls. And, as well as admitting it, I promise to not do it again! Except for with Monopoly. I will win at Monopoly always, and if it looks like I won’t, I will wait till you aren’t watching and flip that board so fast you won’t know what hit you.


*Or for those of you who are not complete drama queens, you run the risk of hurting yourself. Or at the very least, embarrassing yourself in front of the cool kids in a naked-nightmare-in-the-school-cafeteria way. Except with clothes on. Hopefully.



I’m a huge advocate for New Zealand labels. I love this little country, and I seriously love discovering all the great things people are creating within it. One of those more recent discoveries has been a new(ish) label with some cool, quirky and original pieces in it. You are totally already in love too, right?

When I heard how the name of this boutique brand came about (‘Make Hearts Race’ – That feeling you get when you see a piece of clothing that you have to have, and will find any way to make it yours), I knew it was totally made for me.


Make Hearts Race provides high-end (read; beautifully made) garments designed and created right here, in NZ. All of the pieces are super limited, which is cute, and gives the feeling that you are adding a truly unique item to your wardrobe with every shop.

So, the best way to put a stop to that Monday morning headache is to head to and get completely lost in the latest fresh, exclusive and fun collection. To completely banish your morning mood, why not grab some of these amazing polka dot shorts (below) with a matching hat! It may not look like summer outside, but it doesn’t mean we can’t turn up the heating and dress up in these perfect pieces while we wait for the weather to catch up with our racing hearts.


It’s a wrap on the sugar free!


Today I am finished my sugar free detox. I have gone 6 entire weeks without sugar (apart from those two licks of icing that we are not talking about). That is forty-two days fructose free. And I’m going to own it, I’m bloody proud. I am proud of myself, my friend who joined me, and the boy. Whether you agree with why we choose to do it, or that we choose to, surely everyone can recognize that putting your mind to something and diligently sticking to for forty two days straight is worth a damn pat on the back. So, what do I think now? Honestly, I kind of hate to say it, but I am still not sure my sugar habit is completely kicked.

I’ve definitely noticed a drastic reduction in my cravings. BUT they are still there. In the last two weeks of the detox Sarah recommends slowly introducing sweet tastes in small amount of fruit and some (Sarah approved) sweeteners. I tested some cookie recipes, started having raspberries for dessert, trialled a variety of sugar free chocolate, and I loved it. All of it. A bit too much. I had to remind myself (on many occasions) that just because I’d been given the all clear on fruit did not mean I could IV drip pureed apples into my veins.

I kind of want to keep it up. (The sugar free that is, not the trialling sugar alternatives, I have felt a little like a lab rat these last two weeks. A lab rat in stevia heaven.) I want to keep traveling this path to see if I really can get to the point of sugar just not occurring to me. I don’t feel a huge urge to go out and stuff my gob with Jelly Beans (except maybe a little), but at the same time, I’m not at the place I hoped to be.

I (sort of) feel like a recovering sugar-holic. And I fear that by having a square of chocolate I will black out and wake up naked in sweet shop with gummy bears stuck in my hair. I am pretty sure there are meetings for that right?


So, this six-week detox doesn’t really feel like it’s come to and end. It feels like I have started a journey, a journey that, for the last six weeks, someone (Sarah Wilson) has been holding my hand through. Sarah has told me what to eat and what not to eat, and now I have to step out there and make my own decisions like a big grown up girl (and no, even at twenty five I’m still unconvinced that I’m even close to this elusive thing called adulthood). Do I want to go back to the way I was? Hell no. Is a life completely stripped of sugar in my future? Maybe.

I think for now, I’m going to keep steering clear of unnecessary sugars (I will just eat the ones that are completely and utterly enjoyed and acknowledged). No I won’t use store bought stock to make my gravy – because it adds sugar. No I won’t grab Thai takeouts on a Friday night – because I know the stuff is drenched in palm sugar. And no I won’t stop meticulously reading labels at the supermarket – because it’s ridiculous (and a little stupid, sorry folks) to not be conscious of what you are shoveling into your body. But at my besties wedding in three weeks (woop woop), will I have a slice of wedding cake? Hell yes (try ad hold me back).  Those seem like good and achievable goals that don’t sound too scary long term.

SugarEND3 SugarEND4

This last six weeks has been interesting, and not as tough as I thought. I’m not sure what the next steps in my sugar free journey will be, but my next actual steps are to the counter at local fave Little Bird for a hearty slab of cheesecake.

Cheers everyone!


Hurry up and grab some fashion amazingness.

Glassons has literally just launched their latest collection, EDT. I could sit here and tell you how effortlessly chic and beautiful these incredible wardrobe staples are. I could gush about how proud I am of this New Zealand born company, that has more than picked up it’s game, its bloody weight-lifted it through to a completely new category of fashion amazingness. But I won’t, because as I type these words, more and more of this limited run are selling out online. So click here and be quick to make your shopping purchases (my picks would have to be the Embroidered Organza Skirt, String Strap Singlet and Galaxy Shorts, but absolutely everything deserves a space in your closet).


“Featuring 100% Silk, Cotton Embroidered Organza and Satin-backed Crepe, our new boutique brand edt. offers streamlined wardrobe staples with carefully considered detail and fabrication, bringing you a premium quality range without premium prices. Available on and in selected stores only.”

All images from

The month that was.


I am a little behind this month, but September was filled with New Zealand Fashion Week, loads of cauliflower pizza and a trip to the races. Follow me on Instagram here for (almost) daily pictorial updates on everything I am eating/wearing/doing. Oh yeah, and cats.

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