So, we’ve picked up on my love of animal adorned fashion right? Great! So my latest obsession with somehow acquiring a pair of the world’s most expensive flats, that happen to be adorned with cats, comes at no surprise then.

For those of you who aren’t slightly obsessed with willowy, tomboy style queen, Alexa Chung (whom I love dearly, but am yet to figure out how she actually GOT famous), you won’t necessarily be aware of the best and most fashionable flats around. So check out these pictures and tell me (go on TELL ME) they aren’t the greatest statement shoe ever (while still remaining oddly subtle).


Who doesn’t want these Charlotte Olympia kitty shoes?! Who ever said “me”, you are crazy and should probably be shot*.

So, today the only thing that will cure my Monday morning fog is to channel my inner crazy cat lady (not that it is very well hidden inside) and wear these babies all day. (Whilst prancing around putting on a British accent and pretending to be Alexa.)

*Before all you boring people who hate cat shoes start complaining about my hideous suggestion of death, I didn’t mean it. I am sure you are just lovely people who simply have different taste in footwear to me. FREAKS.



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