Cocktail umbrellas and the most comfortable trousers ever.


I think I’m getting old.

Yes mum (and probably dad too), I hear you grunting and rolling your eyes at the suggestion of 25 being old.

But I’ve gone beyond the dislike of 4am home times and nights of candy flavoured alcoholic beverages served with mini umbrellas (ok, I still like the mini umbrellas). Now that I’ve hit that quarter century mark, I find complete joy in sitting down and just taking everything in, in me time, and in inner peace. (I know, inner peace, what even is that?)

I love taking walks, reading books and yoga. And I swear I am not 50.

I live a full life. A life that starts at 530am and often doesn’t end until late (late for an old person that is), and I like indulging in the silence that those activities bring. I’m not going to lie, in yoga I’m still getting the hang of the whole relaxation time, I do struggling not to start organizing what to eat for dinner, or wear to work, but I’m learning. You see, running is my planning time, but yoga is (as awful and corny as it sounds) my ‘me’ time.

Unfortunately I don’t get a huge amount of opportunity to do it, but recently I had the pleasure of attending a class run by none other than New Zealand yoga’s equivalent to Madonna (see I told you I was old, look at who my ‘queen of pop’ reference is), Nikki Ralston (pictured above).

It was a modest 830am start, and a room full of Kiwi fashion media poured in, got kitted out in Ice Breaker’s latest yoga gear, then kicked off with a good hour on the matt. It was the perfect start to a random Wednesday.


I don’t often write about the launches I go to, or much of my work related activities, because I think the internet can get clogged with too many people preaching how much they love something simply because it was handed to them on a plate, and too many regurgitated press releases disguising as reviews. This Ice Breaker launch however was different. It was peaceful. It wasn’t a room full of models showing you how good these pieces could look, it was a room full of you, road-testing how good these products could feel. And boy did they feel good. Made from merino, rather than the nylon that most of my work out gear is, it felt infinitely light and breathable. It bridged the perfect gap between loose and comfortable yet tight enough that it never got in the way. A complete win for any yoga (or perhaps pilates) session. Plus the tops were super bright, and who doesn’t like Bright gym gear? You need to own that shit! Stand loud and proud in your orange singlet and yell at the top of your lungs “I AM WORKING OUT, THAT MAKES ME BETTER THEN ANYONE WHO IS NOT” … I kid, I kid. Sort of.

After an hour with Nikki, we were offered breakfast and green smoothies. I was one happy camper, walking to work on an unusually sunny hump-day sipping on a juice (in the most comfortable merino capri’s ever).


Hand on heart, I wore those damn yoga pants all day (yes, to work) and it took A LOT for me to actually change into pjs come the end of the day.

Taking that time for myself in the morning really set me up for a great day.

So, mum (and dad), I really do think I’m getting old, wise, and all those things you hoped you would instil in me. Because right now, I’m way more excited about reading a good book, getting into bed nice and early and putting on my damn yoga pants (and not taking them off) than I ever was about sneaking out of my bedroom window after you guys went to bed.

Sorry about that by the way. Sort of.


2 thoughts on “Cocktail umbrellas and the most comfortable trousers ever.

  1. Would be awesome if you could suggest a ‘splurge’ and ‘steal’ version of things, would love a cheaper version of the pants! Any ideas??

    • For the style of the trousers you could try Cotton On Body, or even Kmart’s latest sportswear range…. but unfortunately one of the BEST things about this pair are what they are made from, and I don’t know if you could find a cheaper version of pure NZ merino :s

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