Monday may be nearly over, so this post may seem like it’s a bit behind the times, but for me today has been without the blues because it’s a holiday in little old NZ! (Just to be selfish for a minute: I’ve spent the day lapping up the gorgeous sunshine and pounding the pavement in preparation for next weeks big run.) I do however think that Tuesday will bring a bad mood, because who likes going back to work after a three-day weekend?

So, this Tuesdayitis will need an extra special piece of retail therapy to cure it. And there is nothing more special (or more at the top of my “desperately need” list) than a Tara Wolf chakra bracelet.


What are chakras I hear you cry? According to Tara, “chakras are energy centres in the body. There are seven major chakras and each represents an emotion or psychological state (such as power, love or imagination). Chakra bracelets are prompts to remind us about ourselves, our thoughts and our aspirations”.

Whether there is truth behind all these big (and, honestly, a little wanky) words is beyond me, but I think there is real value in having a something to remind you to be at peace, and focus on the good things.


There is a girl in my office who writes post-its and sticks them all over her computer to remind her to “let it go”, “breath” and basically stop getting worked up over the small stuff. I love this idea. I think everyone needs more of it (yes, even you).

And hell, why not be reminded to stop sweating the small stuff with a damn beautiful bracelet?

So, shake the post holiday blues with some serious self-love, spirituality and sweet, sweet bling.

Oh, and dad, stop with the eye rolling.


All images from Tara Wolf Facebook page


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