Angry boyfriends, hair envy and Dr Who.


You know that feeling when you come out of a really good movie and life is, well, just a little bit sparkly? When what you’ve just seen touches you in a way that makes you feel invincible and generally more awesome (with a side of warm and fuzzy).

Well that is how I felt leaving the cinema on Sunday night. After an evening adventure to the Glenfield nights markets, a belly full of dumplings (five dollars for FIFTEEN) and a couple of hours in front of the latest Rachel McAdams flick, I was one happy lady.

About Time already had me in love with the combo of Richard Curtis (the director), my all time favourite leading lady and (of course) Bill Nighy. What’s not to love? Oh and there is time travel. Duh.


This glide through an ordinary couples life with an extraordinary twist has a great balance of humour, red haired hero’s and good quality English-ness that makes me home sick.  It’s a rom-com, with all the lashings of slightly nauseating love that makes boyfriends the world over shake their fists in anger as their partners trudge home muttering “why can’t you be more romantic”. And that is just why you should love it.

This movie is like Doctor Who meets Love Actually, so it’s pretty much my dream. I think you need to see it, and I think you need to try (as much as possible) to hold on to that feeling as you drive away. That feeling that you should stop and smell the roses, cleanse yourself of negativity and damn well get a fringe (even if you’ve only just grown one out).



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