Ruby love and inspiration sandwiches.


I remember this time (a year or so ago) when Kate Sylvester created a dress called “Isobel”. I told my mother it was named after me. I told her I’d inspired it. I thought this was such a preposterous idea that mum would get the joke. But she didn’t. And for a while there she thought I’d indeed been a designer’s muse.

Do you think that trick will work again? Because I would be pleased as punch if Ruby designer Deanna Didovich was thinking of me when she created the magnificent Isabelle jumpsuit. I’m totally sure it was, right? The spelling is a bit off with my name… Deanna was just so in awe, and the inspiration was flowing, she totally didn’t mean to add an extra ‘LE’ at the end.


I kid, of course. Because Ruby’s latest mini collection is inspired by an Aussie actress, Isabelle Cornish. (Who, by the way, was crowned ‘Australia’s Sexiest Vegetarian’ earlier this year – valuable fact.) As disappointed as I am that I am not the namesake, I do find this small collection endearing, and enchanting. I love how Ruby does this time and again. Every year, every season, there are small piece stories that come seemingly out of nowhere. It makes me feel like the designers have so much to give, that they are so excited and full with ideas. Which makes me pretty keen to be a part of the endearing, enchanting, exciting, inspiration sandwich that is this brand.

So, forgive me for sounding like a broken record, but you should probably head online or in store on November 9th when this 15 piece strong collection comes out.

Oh, and I will fight you for the Isabelle playsuit. And I am feisty, so watch out.

RubyResort2 RubyResort4


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