Because the personal achievement of running 21ks all in a row is kinda quite damn big for me, I dedicate today’s post to it as well. Now that all those drug like endorphins have worn off and I’m left here with nothing more than cripplingly sore thighs, I’m a little blue.

I’m blue that Auckland is one of the only half marathons that don’t get some sort of medal.

London, Melbourne and Amsterdam half marathoners get a token when they cross the line. Hell, San Francisco peeps get a Tiffany & Co necklace!! And these are all just to name a few of the numerous places that celebrate their half- achievers.


But no, us Aucklanders have to be tough and realise that if you only make it half way, you don’t get the gold (or bronze, or plastic, or whatever the actual marathon medal is made of).

It reminds me of a rule at my childhood dinner table, mum used to tell me to “eat half your plate or there is no dessert”. Except that I ate half my plate. It was only just half but I bloody well did it so give me my dessert *shakes fists viciously*.

So, to beat my Monday morning funk I did what any independent woman (nay independent PERSON) would do, and I got my own ‘dessert’.

‘Dessert’ in the form of drop crotch leopard print trackies. Because those burning thighs I told you about earlier, they could do with some love too.


Whether you have run 21k, 2k or 0k I recommend these bad boys for some seriously chic comfort.

However, if you’ve run 41k you can just stick to your hunk of metal.*

Do you think I am bitter much?

*If you have genuinely completed a marathon, I’m in awe and you should probably own all the worlds drop crotch leopard print everythings. No hard feelings eh? Except from me – obv.


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