Those who read my blog often (hey guys, welcome back) will know that I have a very large place in my heart for New Zealand designers.

One of those Kiwis who has set up permanent camp in the patriotic part of my heart is Karen Walker. I’ve talked about her a lot in these pages and she is probably the most internationally recognized designer we have here. And I am glad we have someone a little different and very confident in her own style out there, representing us (sort of).

But it isn’t just clothes getting Karen’s love a t the moment. In the past she has dabbled in jewellery (and still does), and I think she is really good at it. I often prefer her bling to her dresses (shhh, don’t tell anyone), but now she has just come a long a changed the gam on us again… finally Karen Walker Home wares have landed in New Zealand.


There have been selected pieces of KW ‘home’ stocked in Australia, through David Jones department store for a couple of years now. But I have been ignoring them to avoid the inevitable (wine assisted) late night purchase of pillowcases with a side of staggeringly expensive shipping.

But now they are here! So I don’t have to be drunk. I can make sound pillow purchasing decisions during daylight hours (at my favourite shopping spot, but also my bank accounts least favourite weekend activity, The Department Store).

Honestly, I’m a complete geek for being quite as excited as I am about this. Especially since I’m in super saver mode and things like duvet covers and cookie cutters are definitely out of the question.

So, I will look at these pieces and play a game of Ikea App (yes, I totally have that downloaded despite not actually having an Ikea in this country) in my head and place these beautiful items in my life (in my mind)…. I will make cookies to match my rings and bike to the French markets so I can buy things that aren’t sticks of French bread (because that’s so not paleo) to put in the wicker basket, then head home to fall asleep between spotted sheets.

All in my head.

Damn, life in my head is so much better than a Monday morning.



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