Crotch less panties, Liv Tyler and the men in your life.


I remember the first time I watched Empire Records (a classic 90s movie you should probably go and watch right now if you haven’t), and during the scene where a young Liv Tyler takes off her clothes I wanted to have a freaking party. It wasn’t because she was bangin’ (although she was), it was because she was wearing mismatching underwear. Bring on the streamers, balloons and banners that say “hell yeah, REALISM”. Because it takes a super special occasion for me to think about wearing pants that match my boulder holders, and it takes an even specialer occasion (yes, that’s a word) for me to consider buying a set.

There is a part of me that thinks only grown-ups wear matching bra and briefs. It’s something you do when you iron your socks or even simply learn to put your freshly laundered delicates in a draw rather than in a crumpled heap on the ground. (No, mum, I most definitely don’t do that*.) And I’m not ready to grow up!

But there is something about Lonely Hearts lingerie, in the latest collection (pictured) and all the ones before it that makes me want to be one of those strange ‘together’ people. One of those crazy adult things.

Lonely3 Lonely2

I once went to a party where everyone got drunk and stripped down to their underwear (no, mum, I most definitely didn’t do that**). Now imagine if, in that moment of vodka fuelled madness, I’d been wearing a pair of Lonely Hearts underwear rather than some faded ‘Wednesday’ knickers (it was Saturday) and a ill-fitting polka dot bra. My life would probably be completely different now***.

Lets be honest, these babies aren’t really everyday wear. Or at least they aren’t for people who need hefty support (although this season they have introduced an underwire to some of the cuts). But what this impeccable collection of underwear does do is give you a sense of sophistication, creativity and fun. You magically feel playful in the unusual colour choices whiles also feeling mature in whimsical lace and interesting styles.

Gone are the days of nylon red bras and crotch less panties that are bought by men, for men (well actually for women, but usually women don’t want them much) and make you feel tacky. Because this underwear is undoubtedly sexy and will leave you feeling confident, beautiful and just a little bit flirtatious.

And that’s what you (or the men in your life) want out of underwear right? That and an actual crotch.


*Ok, that was a lie.
** That was also a lie.
**Or it would be the same but slightly less embarrassing to admit to the blogosphere.

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