Cheese puffs, (not) paleo cake and Hank.


There’s a guy in my office (lets call him Hank*) that finds it hilarious to suggest everything is paleo.

Cupcakes come out for morning tea? Hank will chime in “they’re paleo you know”. When it’s somebodies birthday and cake is on offer, Hank grins and says “hey bel, cake is paleo”. And when its 6pm on a Thursday and pizza rocks up for the crowd working late, he’ll holla to me, “this pizza is definitely paleo”.

Hank not only thinks he is the most hilarious human being (he’s not), I’m pretty sure he thinks I’m completely bonkers.

And, it seems, there are plenty of people like Hank who can’t get their brains around the idea of eating how we used to (a long, long time ago).


People get self-righteous about the way I’m choosing to live my life; they believe it’s unhealthy. My explanations of what I do and don’t eat are usually met with raised eyebrows and gasps of “but grains are healthy”.

Although this frustrates the hell out of me, I see where they’re coming from, because, we’ve been told that they are just that (healthy), for quite some time now.  In fact, the New Zealand Heart Foundation has only just (this week) updated their ‘heart healthy’ food guide, since the introduction of the food pyramid 1992.


The above is the new suggested way of eating to keep your ticker in great shape. And heeeeey, look at that, good old grains have been knocked from their top dog spot, and fruit and vegetables have taken their (rightful) position as king of the food castle.

It is only a small step, it’s quite a victory for all us on the caveman train. A plant-based diet with a side of protein is what we have been banging on about for a while now. And although there are some significant improvements (can I hear a woop, woop?) from the pyramid we had shoved down our throats at school, much of it is still doesn’t sit quite right with me, or the wider nutritional community. (Namely – the positioning of whole grains and starchy carbohydrates in comparison to meat, protein and healthy fats.)


But, instead of being a killjoy, I’m going to bask in the joy that a step, however small,  has been taken in the right direction (oh, and do a little boogie). Maybe it will inspire people to question why there has been a shift and encourage them to take their own journey in discovering what foods give them a more fulfilled and healthy lifestyle. Or maybe they will just plod along and do what they bigwig tells them and swap the potatoes on their dinner plate for carrots once and a while. Win, win.

But you know who doesn’t win? The funny guys who chow down on multiple cronuts and lashings of pizza whilst making jokes at me for having a strong stance on what I choose to put in my body. Or the people who laugh and think that I’m the crazy one for the way I eat whilst munching on cheese puffs the colour of no cheese I’ve ever seen.

What is the world coming to that I am the nuts one in this situation?

And yes Hank, nuts are paleo.


*His name is not Hank. Because nobody would really be that mean right?


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