I work right smack bang in the centre of Auckland City. It’s a plus when I want to buy lunch or do a spot of Christmas shopping on my break (yes people, it’s gearing up to Christmas already – time it get ready). What its terrible for is when I am trying to save money (always) and when pretty shops open up a stones throw from the nine to five (always).

Sass and Bide (swoon) is the latest fashion fave to have landed in Britomart, and has therefore become my go to stop for lunchtime wanderings. I’m pretty sure the shop assistant thinks I’m crazy (she would be right), and I’m yet to take my relationship to the next level and actually try anything on. Like a classic commitment phobe, Im terrified of falling so head over heels that the (rather high) price tags will seem dim in comparison to my lust and I will skip every paleo meal, social occasion and stop using power to make sure it’s mine.


The other reason I’m yet to take that step? I can’t pick! Do I fancy that architectural metallic skirt? Or how about that cropped jacket? Maybe even the graphic tee and matching palazzo pants? Um, duh…I want it all! (Me? An only child? However did you guess).


To cure my Monday morning blues (and every other day this week it seems) Im heading down to Sass and Bide to dream of a closet dripping with the sequins, lingerie, and billowing jumpsuits that I will never have. To touch the boyfriend jeans while the sales woman isn’t watching and to mentally sell all my belongings to fund my budding new romance.

I think it’s true love.



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