Not to brag, but I’m gona brag a bit, I get told I look pretty good in hats. In fact, I look so good in hats that I didn’t even realise it was a thing to not suit hats until recently. The problem I find, with all these hats that look so damn good on me, is I never have an occasion to wear them!

I have hundreds (that may be a slight exaggeration), cable knit beanies for winter, classic floppy hats for beach trips, cute vintage boaters, bowlers, a 60s style helmet hat and even a cowboy hat! But they only seem to come out at very specific (and very few) moments in time! I’m pretty sure if I acquired one of these magnificent headpieces, it would be different.


I would wear it all the time, at any and every occasion. Heading to the beach? Gotta grab my sarong, bikini and Lack Of Color* hat, and I’ll be there. What’s that you say, Winter is here? Never fear, I have my trench and LOC hat to keep me toasty. Best friend getting married? I’m sure my pastel LOC will go great with any (and all) wedding outfits. Work event? Who needs a statement necklace, I’ll pair my ball gown with a statement hat! Suffering Monday morning blues? Well, I will sweep that bad hair day out of my eyes and cover it with my magnificent, oversized, perfectly simple and effortlessly chic Lack Of Color hat.


And even if it wasn’t different, it would be the same, but I would own a damn cute hat. That’s enough to fix anyone’s Mondayitis.

*Dad, I can literally hear you wincing from here, but I can’t help it if the company has misspelled it in their name! We can totally forgive them because they make some damn good hats ok? Ok. Good!


All images from the Lack Of Color website.


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