So, it’s confession time here on fff(.com) I am in fact incredibly lazy.

I know right, you are so ridiculously surprised I can literally hear you all falling to the ground in shock.

My day-to-day of floordrobes and the boy’s masterful cooking has lulled me into a life of leisure that I can’t quite live up to (but I’m gonna to try). One of the ways in which my lavishly lazy self is expressed is through my stupidly vast “loungewear” collection.

Yup, I’m not one of those high maintenance ladies, when I’m at home and doing my housework (rare) whilst dancing to Beyonce (less rare) I’m not in my Louboutins (probably because I don’t own any), I’m rocking my drop crotch trackies and grey marl tees. It doesn’t sound fancy (probably because its not), but it does get an entire section of my (forever messy) wardrobe.


I think it’s important to not only have a few designated outfits for wearing to work, or for a slap up meal, but also for when you’re catching up on a weeks worth of Come Dine With Me. (Lets be honest, any excuse to need more clothes is a plus in my eyes.)

Having said that, I still think that if someone shows up unannounced at your door you shouldn’t be embarrassed to have a cuppa with them. So bras are a must. In fact, in general, under garments are probably a good idea.

I think there is a fine line between being able to relax in an oversized tee while watching Big Brother (yes, that’s still around, and yes I still love it), and flashing your neighbours through the over washed leggings paired with your 16-year-old-selfs fave Supre top bedazzled with “girls just wanna have fun”, or wearing running shoes with your skirt suit because the walk from the bus stop to your office is up a vague hill*.

Now meet the marriage of supper sloppy and ultimate fashion icon:


Yes, these are Alexander Wang gym shorts (read; Bels dream dancing around the house shorts).

This Monday morning, as well as a double shot, what I need to help wipe the sleep from my weekend weary eyes is the thought that these shorts are waiting for me after I’m done with my nine to five. These shorts, a hairbrush and some 90s pop throwbacks.

Ahhhh bliss.

*This is a major gripe for me. Come on people, ballet flats would look infinitely better, take up less room in your hand bag and won’t be a sneaky reminder, peeping out from your handbag, that the cake you just ate for John’s birthday is going to have to be exercised away at some point.



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