Today I had a sleep in (well, actually I went to boot camp at 630am, but I promptly went back to bed upon my return), because I’m on holiday (fist pumps all round).

But, before you get too jealous, I’ve got some pretty crazy times off this holiday season. And by “pretty crazy”, I mean “officially none”. That’s right, once I’m back to the grind next week I’m not off again till well past Christmas, New years and beyond. So this brilliantly hot (in Auckland at least) Monday is tainted as my last whiff of freedom for a long time.

With that in mind, I’m going to grab this week (while the world is hard at work) and embrace it.

More than I want to spend up large on net-a-porter, and more than I want to eat my weight in paleo baking, and, even more than I want my Christmas shopping to be over (although I want that pretty damn bad), I want to relax.

So, I took things into my own hands this Monday, and cured my own Mondayitis once and for all by booking a trip to a Spa. For my first ever facial.


Spring Spa is the latest in the hip wellbeing scene here in Auckland. It’s renowned for its Almond Milk pedicure (caveman style pedicures baby – it’s meant to be), and is touted as a social spa, built to encourage you and your friends to have a laugh while enjoying your mani’s/pedi’s/massages (but maybe not your waxes). I’m not sure what I will find at the end of this rainbow, as I’m a facial virgin (and, to be honest, a spa virgin), but I’m pretty excited.

First date nerves are at an all time high as I await my “Bliss Instant Radiance Oxygen Pod Facial” tomorrow morning.

What do I wear? What do I say?

What if the almond milk goes straight to my head and I embarrass myself?

All these unknowns, I feel young again already!



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