Hot off the heels of announcing my impending travel plans, I’m dizzy with packing lists galore. Despite the boys best intentions to keep me on track (re; filling my tramping pack with useful items like water bottles, sensible shoes and insect repellent), all that’s on my mind, like any red blooded woman, is what I’m going to wear.

I don’t know for sure exactly where we are heading (only vague ideas at this point), or what we will be doing in our long days trekking South East Asia. All I can comfortably rely on is that  it will be blisteringly hot. (Like, I-wish-I-could-get-away-with-walking-around-naked-but-I-might-get-funny-looks hot.)

So, before I’m forced to start being practicle, before my brain is filled with quick dry underpants and tramping boots that double as a life raft, I’m going to indulge my stylish side. This Monday morning, with New Zealanders leaving their holidays behind and tackling their first day back in the real world, my escape is at the forefront of my brain.

To beat the blues of yet another beautiful day stuck behind a computer, I’m mentally packing beautiful, simple and elegant plain cotton tees with drawstring shorts, light knits to pair with evening sunset views and aeroplane clothes (yes, thats a real thing) that scream “I don’t belong in economy”.

I know the reality is, two days in, the picture will look very different. I’ll be frizzy haired, sweat stained and ready to burn any piece of excess packing to stop my backpack from toppling me over.

But hey, a girl can dream!




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