Olympians, crack and my Fitbit.


You know those people… the kind who live life in a slow way. They wake up gently, and wander through their day. They take joy in gardening and stews that simmer for eight hours. They watch the wilderness around them as they methodically and carefully repeat their perfected ‘salute to the sun’ each morning.

I wish I was one of those people.

I’m a hard and fast kinda girl. When I wake up, I tumble out of bed (unless I refuse to actually get up… then I stubbornly stick to the sheets and nothing short of a hurricane can move me), I fall down the stairs throwing clothes and make-up in my general direction before bounding out the door with breakfast (and sometimes even a cup of tea) still in hand. When I walk, I’ve been told, my short legs move comically quickly, and when I cook, I like the satisfaction of having it done and dusted in 30 minutes or less.

This tends to mean when I feel things I feel them big, bold and outrageously. When I love something (whether its shoes, boys or a new food fad) I love it vehemently with every bone in my body.

Right now, every bone in my body is addicted to my Fitbit. It could be worse, it could be crack (although it feels a little like Fitbit is my crack right now).

Basically Fitbit is a pedometer that can also do a million other things. It is the female version of a pedometer – it multitasks. It’s bloody amazing.

Think; steps counted, calories in and out recorded, kilometres walked noted, minutes of actual exercise done (verses slow walking steps), sleep tracked and even the ability to log exactly what you are eating. All with a nifty wee wristband (depending on the style you go for, I have a Fitbit Flex) that can talk wirelessly to your computer, Ipad and phone!

Fitbit2 Fitbit3

Told you it was good.

I know there are people out there who will roll their eyes at the thought of every step being counted and every calorie being stressed about, but I’m seriously loving this insanely motivational tool (and I am always right – right?). Being a stupidly competitive person (see this previous post for tales of my Monopoly board flipping ways), the best thing, hands down, about this devise it that you are competing with yourself. Every day you get goals (they can either be set by you, or automatically generated by the software for you weight/height/aims) and you are encouraged to reach them, exceed them, excel them and push yourself.

If it hits 9pm and I haven’t reached my daily steps (my goal is 12,000) then I will go out for a walk. Raining? Then I will pace my miniature apartment and bound up the stairs and back down between each circuit. Call me crazy, maybe I am (ok, I definitely am), but this silly little watch has been more motivating for me to get moving than any inspiring movie, hard hitting book on obesity or personal trainer.

There is nothing I enjoy more right now than the small buzz this wonderful devise gives me when I reach my daily steps target (not a figurative buzz – like it actually vibrates). I am convinced this feeling is exactly the same as when all those ubber fit athletes win medals at the Olympics.


Exactly the same.

I’m pretty much an athlete.


5 thoughts on “Olympians, crack and my Fitbit.

  1. First of all, love this post. Second of all, being a girl as well, I totally understand the whole “multi-tasking, keeping track of everything” amazing-ness of it. I think the reason WHY it’s so motivational is because you can actually see some numbers every day and you can see daily improvements rather than waiting for some pounds to shed or some muscles to tone. I think every woman will read this and totally understand. Every man will just think that we’re all crazy 😉

    • I use My Fitness Pal to log all my calories (as I find it has a better database of food) and then sync the two apps. Its not that hard or time consuming once you get into the habit 🙂

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