Lena Dunham, Daniel Radcliffe and the one with the list.


Do you remember that episode of friends, the one where Ross has a list of people, and if faced with the opportunity Rachel had to let him sleep with one of them (he laminated it too – god I loved Ross). Of course you do, what person in their right mind doesn’t have every episode of Friends etched in their brain forever!

Well, the thing with my “list” is, it mostly consists of woman. Oh, and Harry Potter (I mean, Daniel Radcliffe). I don’t know what it is, but I find myself in a land of girl crushes right now.

One of them, who is very much on my list, is Lena Dunham.

And, only reinforcing my feelings, is this:


It’s rare that I see the cover of a magazine and instantly want to buy it without reading the cover lines. My years of working in the magazine industry have hardened me to the crap that can appear on covers (and by crap, I of course mean truthful statements that have been in no way exaggerated*). Vogue, tell me what you like, I don’t care, you had me hooked with those big brown eyes, lashings of eyeliner and the polka dot shirt.


So, I will vow to find this magazine, read it, love it and maybe even drool over it a little. I think you should do the same. But the drooling bit is up to you.

Sometimes, my dream of one day walking through the doors of Vogue, sitting down for a good old chit chat with my bestie Grace (over our morning brew) feels like the most important thing in the world. Right now is one of those times!

* I really don’t mean that at all.

LenaD5 LenaD3


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