One of my best friends just went back to school. Even though I still have plenty of friends at university and that doesn’t sound weird to me, going BACK to school does, It fills me with notions of apples for the teacher, badly fitting (and hideously ugly) black lace ups and culottes. (Yes, I went to an all girls school and they MADE us wear CULOTTES. Pure evil I tell you.) I’m not sure why these things pop into my brain, because she isn’t actually going back to high school, she’s heading to uni. She is however studying to be a teacher, so maybe I am, like, visualising her future? For her sake, I hope not.

I’m so unbelievably proud of her. It sounds silly, but before her recent decision to head back to the books, she was on a one way highway to corperateville, and decided to about-turn, heading back to school to learn how to teach and sculpt the minds of kiwis kids. And, she is utterly perfect for the role. If, dear blogosphere, you ever end up in little old NZ and your munchkins are taken under her wing – they will be in, officially, the best hands. I say this, and she is only a week in. Thats how sure I am, even if she may not be, that this is the best one way ticket for her (and it’s totally not even one way, because she has JUST proven to everyone, that if you don’t like your lot – you bloody well stop whinging and change it).


Needles to say, she is the Charlotte to my Carrie (Sex and the City reference people – catch up), so before her first day, our conversations where filled with what to expect, how to prepare and (most importantly) what to wear.

It was in one of these (many) conversations that I happened upon my latest obsession – BAGGU. Um, how have I missed these guys? In their own words, BAGGU “makes simple, high quality bags in many bright colours. They’re durable and fill many uses so you can own less stuff”. I’m not sure I am sold on the less stuff thing (I’m quite fond of my insane collection of, well, things), but other than that, it sums them up well. These guys just make damn good, no fuss bags. You should probably get one, or three.

Top of my list has to be the Drawstring Purse in camel. Or black. No, both.



I think bags, unlike shoes, are one of the few accessories that benefit from perfect simplicity. Keeping your bags to impeccable cuts, fuss free shapes and classic lines can be the maker of an outfit. It can take your high street styles and give them an expensive looking edge (even if the bag wasn’t spendy at all). Let that statement necklace, stiletto boot or printed jean do all the shouting and keep your holdall quiet, but beautiful.

FYI, my friend opted for a Basic Tote in Mahogany and it is a gorgeous choice for the ultimate in school bag chic. It definitely wins over the first school bag I ever saw her with (we met when we were 12, so I’m pretty sure that one shoulder, red velcro number was the bees knees back then).

I don’t really deserve to have Mondayitis, because it’s Auckland anniversary weekend, and all I am doing is sitting here drinking excessive amounts of tea and watching the Grammys live (go Lorde – NZ represent). So all I hope for this monday, is that THAT amazing woman (and her perfect sophisticated-but-still-hip-with-the-cool-kids-bag) gives herself a day off, ready to hit the ground running tomorrow for week two of her next insane adventure.

That and umm… a Drawstring Purse (both colour ways), Backpack (in fig) and a Duffel Bag (chestnut) . Yeah, that too.



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