Having been out of the nine to five loop for exactly a week now, not only have my good intensions of running, keeping the house in tip top shape and having a home cooked (dare I say, paleo) dinner on the table for the boy each night, gone out the window… but so too have days of the week. They are all melting into one big pot of numbers. Weeks, days, hours and minutes that we have left to do all the things that need to be done (all the many, many things). So today is not Monday, nope, today is twenty two. Twenty two days (or 528 hours, or 31,680 minutes if you’re feeling really crazy) before I am standing at the departure gates of Auckland airport – totally shitting myself.

Now, for most, that might feel like ample time. I had a friend who moved to Europe on 6 weeks notice and worked right up until the day she left (yes, yes she is a little bit cray-cray). Well, ladies and gents, if you have ever met my mother (which I know most of you haven’t, but pretend you have for me) you will know that isn’t me. I am destined to be an organiser. As much as I kick, scream and stick my heels in, it will inevitably happen (as will saying “scissors always satisfy”, a family trait it seems – and a very true fact).

And, in line with my inherited organisation comes my absolute need to document things. I have special books dedicated to lists of specific kinds (think, “travel related to-dos” book and a “supermarket shopping list” book, oh and don’t forget my “daily to-do breakdown” book – which is different to my diary, but I do also have a diary). So when I stumbled across this little gem on the interwebs I knew somehow, sometime, someday it HAD to have it in my life.


Now, before you start (boy, I am talking to you), I know I have the Fitbit app, and My Fitness Pal and roughly 84 other fitness trackers on my phone, but this one is different (I promise*). Look at those real life pages. Those weekly plans, and that ability to list, list and list some more. It’s like fitness meets food meets organisation (all it needs is a section to plan what to wear each day, and this book would be like my own personal 50 Shades Of Grey).


The fitbook basically a nifty number that breakdowns a 12 week nutrition and exercise plan. You keep it with you when you are heading to the gym or to the kitchen and you keep track of exactly what you do. From my past experiences with food/diet related tracking, although tough, it is actually one of the best ways to keep on track (well duh). There is nothing more powerful to keep you away from that midnight temptation (aka Percy Pigs and/or, no wait just and, chocolate) than the thought that you actually have to admit it and add the calories into your diet plan, to make you stop, think and walk away. Food diaries and exercise logs not only help us to set goals, I’m a firm believer that they (in a silent, notebookey type way) support us. Any mistakes made will glare at us on the page (so no we can’t forget that sneaky TimTam or 10), but so do our results.


So, if your Monday morning has you frowning at the idea of any form of movement past that short hike to the coffee shop for a latte and a cronut, maybe a fitbook will help? (After the pastries – of course.)

They even sell this incredible pack that comes with scales (for both you AND your food), body fat callipers, tape measure, the fit book and a pen so you literally have everything you need.

I’m pretty sure, hands down, if I had this in my life I would reach every and any fitness goal anyone has ever had. Ever.

Or, at least I would right them all down, and thats half the battle right?

*No I don’t, its the same. I will most likely diligently write in it for a week then put it down somewhere are forget it exists. But damn it  – for that week I will be incredible.

Fitbook5 Fitbook6


2 thoughts on “Mondayitis

  1. The FitBook sounds very interesting. But also, one of those things that would maybe get discarded after a week or so. Also, I don’t think I ever want to know if I’m drinking too much wine… isn’t more wine always better? That’s what it would say in my book at least 🙂 X

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