Firstly, I’m really, really sorry to all you guys over there in freezing-your-socks-off USA and soggy old UK. I know it’s cold where you are and this might be a little tough to stomach. But… it’s so freaking hot in NZ right now that I’m melting. Like a Brothers Grimm witch.

And what’s worse than how hot it is right now? How hot it is going to be in India when the boy and I rock up in a month.

It’s going to be the hottest month of the year, it’s a tourist low (yay) because the heat LITERALLY scares people away (not yay). I am terrified. I don’t look good sweaty. (Does anyone? No, no they don’t.) Just to kick me when I am down (or hot), I have to cover up. So, at the one moment in time that I will feel like belting out Nelly’s “its getting hot in herre* (so hot), so take off all your clothes”, I have to do more than keep on all my clothes, I have to wear more than usual.

Luckily, to calm my panicked mind, there is a new(ish) trend around. One that lends itself to a dilemma just like this. (Less so to the dilemmas facing other, winter stricken, countries.)

MondayKimono2 MondayKimono3 MondayKimono4

There’s no two ways about it, kimono’s are oh-so hot right now.

This light-weight, loose-fitting jacket-meets-robe can take any outfit (think skinny jeans, shorts, shift dresses, pencil skirt, etc, etc – aka it goes with all the things) from average to amazing in a heart beat. Making kimono’s a (stupidly hot) Mondayitis buster.

Screw your old cardi, these are more than just a bright, breezy and comfortable way to finish an outfit, they are a modern way to update your entire wardrobe (can you tell I’m a big fan).

So, when a caffeine hit won’t do, and (like me) you’re suffering from a little unfashionable sweat-face, give one of these babies a go.

MondayKimono7 MondayKimono6 MondayKimono5

*Dad – before you fire me off an email about my terrible spelling, this is how Nelly chooses to spell the lyrics of his song. Maybe you should email him? He probably needs a solid father figure with an aptitude for perfect spelling and grammar to steer him in the right direction in life.


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