One foot in front of another (then an arm, elbow and thigh), aka serious running fail.


Running and I haven’t been the best of friends this last few weeks. 

A month or so ago I started following fit_trio on Instagram. I’m pretty sure the boy thinks I’m having a full blown affair with this woman abs. I mean have you seen them? They are better than Ryan Gosling’s face. (Yeah, I said it.) After asking the fit-spiration account how exactly she got the way she did… among other things it turns out she runs… a lot (think everyday for like an hour). Now, I don’t have time for stuff like that. BUT, in a effort to get my mid section more like the above and less like I had too much lunch (even though I probably did), I decided to commit to between 20-30 minutes of running every other day. It seemed reasonable, and when I was training for the half I was doing way more than that.

RunningFail2 RunningFail3 RunningFail4 RunningFail5

Mostly I’ve stuck to it (read: mostly). Unfortunately running and me don’t seem to be the friends we used to be. Between bouts of sunstroke, sun burn (damn sun), dehydration and near misses with cars, no pavement pound has been easy (or particularly fun). Then, as the cherry on top of my paleo ice cream, on Saturday I had an epic fall. Think (literally) somersaulting down a main street. It left me with huge (super attractive) bruising and grazes down my entire left side. I may have to crack out the Thin Lizzy for my upcoming leaving do.

Basically it’s being really hard to get out the door. Each day, if the hot and muggy weather doesn’t hold me back, the fear of tripping over my own feet does. So blogosphere, I put this out to you – how the hell do you muster motivation? Because I need me some.

Like right now.



One thought on “One foot in front of another (then an arm, elbow and thigh), aka serious running fail.

  1. Oh no! Maybe try printing the ab picture out and put it up somewhere you’ll always see it like a fridge or something. And then right next to it put a nice saying like that your efforts will pay back or smth?! 😀 I know, it’s not what you expected to hear, but hope fully it helps because I tried 😀 xoxo

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