The best kind of surprise. I swear.


Here at Fashion Fitness Food HQ we’ve been working on something a bit special. However, because we like keeping you in suspense, we aren’t quite ready to share the results of our late nights, shakes-fists-in-frustration moments and excessive caffeine consumption.

Although I personally hate surprises (like, seriously, how are you meant to know what to wear if someone doesn’t bloody tell you what they are planning*), this one is I good one. I promise.

Unfortunately we will have to shut our virtual doors as the last lick of paint goes up, but don’t fret (I can see the panic in your eyes), we will be back up and running on June 1st. So do check back then.

I will make it worth your while.

**winkey face**

Yes. That is definitely blatant bribery.

Until then, have a great week filled with all the chicest clothes, tastiest noms and endorphins educing workouts.

See you all on the first (woop woop).

*The joy of this virtual date, is that you can literally wear whatever you like. Although, if you usually check us out at work I would suggest NOT pyjamas. But hey, whatever floats your boat.



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