It is Monday, although (just to rub it in) days of the week are kind of smooshing (yup, that is a word) into one big unidentifiable blob right now. After four blissful nights at a beautiful beach resort, I have not one tiny inkling of Mondayitis… but being the lovely and giving human that I am (hey – I saw that eye roll) I’ve been thinking about some nifty things that could brighten the start of your week.

I’m about to head onto an overnight train from Ko Lanta to Bangkok, to see my family. (Yes, yes, I can hear you all gasping… I’ve only just left them, how am I already homesick? Well, don’t underestimate the power of my “mummy/daddies girl” combo. If the boy would let me, I’d probably try and fit them both in my back pack.) My mother is celebrating a pretty big birthday (woop, woop – happy twenty first mum) and as a family, we are coming together in Thailand to have a knees up just for her.

To keep up with these celebrations, I thought I would do what every good daughter does for her mother on her birthday – disobey her. You see, my mother used to tell me that tattoos were for sailors or prostitutes, and animal print was tacky*. Well, last year I got a tattoo, so I guess it’s time I whipped out my best Mrs Robinson impression, don’t you? Leopard print has long since left the realms of cougar-only wardrobes and has been seriously welcomed into the fashion elite (not that it ever left Donattela’s life).

MondayLeopard3 MondayLeopard2

Just like Kate and Wills’, denim and leopard is a match made in heaven. The love affair between two heavy duty fabrics is the fashion equivalent of a commoner marrying into the royal family. The play of dressy vs casual, of plain vs out there, and of workwear vs um…play-wear… (?) strikes a brilliant balance. Taking the simple pairing of skinny jeans with a classic white tee and throwing on some (fake) animal skin heels really shakes up your look and lifts your style game. Other noteworthy partners for your lovely leopard pieces are camel (think traditional style trench) and leather (think texture combination to die for).

So, this Monday, in order to fight off your morning blues I suggest you all (maybe not you dad) throw on some animal inspired prints and act like Pippa isn’t the only hot piece of ass.

*Now, before I start getting angrily worded emails, please note that my mother has a fabulous sense of humour and this is a running family joke. NOT a comment meant to make sailors, prostitutes or wearers of animals cry.

MondayLeopard4 MondayLeopard5




Easily the hardest thing about packing up shop is leaving some precious people behind (that and having to cut my shoe collection down to three, way too practical, pairs). One of such people, who I’m missing like crazy this Monday, is my bestie. I love her (mushy-bel alert) for a million different reasons, but one of them is because she introduced me to Pinterest.

I also hate her for this.

For those of you not on Pinterest – whats up with that? You do know that it’s not just for people planning weddings right? There is literally an endless supply of beautiful fashion shots to inspire. It is like a beautiful home to build your perfect wardrobe… then just keep looking at it. Admiring it. Lusting after it.

So, while I live my life out of a backpack, in a miniature hostel room and in the same pair of cut offs everyday, I’m waisting away my early morning, jet-lagged, hours filtering through the outfits I wish I could be wearing (and owning).

To cure your Monday morning blues, check out my favourite fashion ‘pinners’, Elle, Lauren Santo Domingo and Rachel Gadiel  and get your wardrobe wish list flowing.



Despite the heat here in NZ, and the rather intimidatingly hot weather that will greet me off the plane tomorrow (yes, I said tomorrow… and yes I’m freaking out about it). All I can think about (mostly because I prescribe to the theory of “if your scared of something, ignore it and it will go away”), is what I will face when I finally finish my round the world adventures, and land in Europe.

Having lived in Auckland for 13 years, one thing I’ve very rarely needed is a coat. This will no longer be the case as I gear up for British winters (hell, even British summers). And to be honest? I bloody love dressing for the chilly seasons. Don’t get me wrong, hot sunny weather is great, but in winter I physically get to wear more clothes – win.

Drowning in cashmere, swaddled in chunky knits and investing in buttery soft leather as I sip on my Monday morning coffee – the life inside my head right now is pretty damn perfect.

What would complete the winter wonderland I’m creating is an all-engulfing coat. The kind that’s pretty much a dress, is very much oversized and looks best with a chunky belt (think Coco Chanel styles). I recon coats like this, in either bold prints or scream-your-head-off loud colours, will be big for winter months to come.

MondayCoats2 MondayCoats3

With a backpack filled to the brim with flip flops, tanks and shorts, I’m well and truly terrified of the heat wave I’m spending the next two months playing in. So, in line with my amazing avoidance theory, I’m dreaming of nestling up by the fire, and falling into a coat (that will probably be bigger than my London apartment).

MondayCoats4 MondayCoats5 MondayCoats6

The month that was.


February has been a crazy month. Between heaps of brunch dates, gearing up for the big move and an endless need for caffeine, I managed to snap some of my adventures. Follow me on Instagram here for what will soon be an account overrun with Asian inspired food, fashion and fitness.

People watching, fashion lusting and coffee drinking.


Do you know what’s better than every fashion show, front row seat and copious amounts of goody bags? The game of people watching outside the shows*.

Even when it isn’t fashion week, I love people watching, My friends and I do it while we catch up over flat whites (or green tea if we’re feeling healthy). But style spying at a fancy fashion show is probably the creme de la creme – it’s like people watching… but on acid.

Everyone is wearing better-than-Sunday best, and it’s like a competition to get onto a top notch street style blogs. What with New York, London and Milan fashion weeks going on at the moment, I’ve been spending every inch of my spare time lost in impeccably dressed ladies (and adding to my wardrobe wish list).

These are my favourite looking outfits from New York, London and Milan.

StreetStyle2 StreetStyle3 StreetStyle4 StreetStyle5StreetStyle6StreetStyle7StreetStyle8

Now to find myself a neon yellow coat, pelican clutch, white dungarees and an invite to Dior (front row – duh).

*To be fair, I’ve never been front row at a fancy London fashion week before, so maybe I’m just saying this to make me feel better. Yea, I totally am.



The boy has started to make fun of my latest claim. You see, what used to be my excuse for shopping up large (“oh but I never have anything to wear”) has now been replaced with “that would be perfect for Asia”. Almost everything I spy can some how be slipped into my perfect travel wardrobe.

The latest at the tippy-top of my list is definitely a pair of humble shorts. But the dream shorts for Asia are quite different to your usual denim cut offs – oh yes. These shorts have to work for their place in my pack (well, they don’t really, they just have to look like they do, so I can sell the idea to the boy and not get the stink eye when I buy a new thing).

So what do these illusive perfect shorts have? They have a delicate but fun print to set off my newly emerging tan. They have a loose fit, with a tight waist (so I don’t have to worry about rearranging or dreaded sweat stuck clothes). They are short enough to keep the air flowing, but long enough to allow for some serious tramping (without showing my knickers). They need to be made of something super lightweight so that they can dry quick-slick AND they need to be so comfortable I forget I’m wearing them (in a feels-like-pjs way, not a shit-I-forgot-my-pants way).

So, when you discover those guys, can you chuck them my way? Because that would really pick me up out of my Monday morning funk.


MondayShorts2 MondayShorts3 MondayShorts4



Firstly, I’m really, really sorry to all you guys over there in freezing-your-socks-off USA and soggy old UK. I know it’s cold where you are and this might be a little tough to stomach. But… it’s so freaking hot in NZ right now that I’m melting. Like a Brothers Grimm witch.

And what’s worse than how hot it is right now? How hot it is going to be in India when the boy and I rock up in a month.

It’s going to be the hottest month of the year, it’s a tourist low (yay) because the heat LITERALLY scares people away (not yay). I am terrified. I don’t look good sweaty. (Does anyone? No, no they don’t.) Just to kick me when I am down (or hot), I have to cover up. So, at the one moment in time that I will feel like belting out Nelly’s “its getting hot in herre* (so hot), so take off all your clothes”, I have to do more than keep on all my clothes, I have to wear more than usual.

Luckily, to calm my panicked mind, there is a new(ish) trend around. One that lends itself to a dilemma just like this. (Less so to the dilemmas facing other, winter stricken, countries.)

MondayKimono2 MondayKimono3 MondayKimono4

There’s no two ways about it, kimono’s are oh-so hot right now.

This light-weight, loose-fitting jacket-meets-robe can take any outfit (think skinny jeans, shorts, shift dresses, pencil skirt, etc, etc – aka it goes with all the things) from average to amazing in a heart beat. Making kimono’s a (stupidly hot) Mondayitis buster.

Screw your old cardi, these are more than just a bright, breezy and comfortable way to finish an outfit, they are a modern way to update your entire wardrobe (can you tell I’m a big fan).

So, when a caffeine hit won’t do, and (like me) you’re suffering from a little unfashionable sweat-face, give one of these babies a go.

MondayKimono7 MondayKimono6 MondayKimono5

*Dad – before you fire me off an email about my terrible spelling, this is how Nelly chooses to spell the lyrics of his song. Maybe you should email him? He probably needs a solid father figure with an aptitude for perfect spelling and grammar to steer him in the right direction in life.

True love, new dresses and shouting.


So, this time next week it’s valentines day! And as much as I have a general disdain for days that get every woman’s hopes up and every man instantly in trouble for not living up to them, I do, however, like occasions in which I can pick out a new outfit (even if it is only mentally, due to lack of plans and lack of funds). 

Valentines day this year is extra special because we have a double excuse to spend time with those we love (and by “those we love”, i mean clothes – apologies to the boy). It’s a night of heading to a nice eatery with a man friend in a nice new dress or angry shouting with girlfriends over cocktails in a nice new dress (are you seeing the link here). It’s also the day Ruby’s latest collection hits sores on (I told you it was coming asap) and there are quite a few nice new dresses.

Get your v-day outfit sorted right here, right now (well, right…next Friday).

ValentinesDay2 ValentinesDay3 ValentinesDay4 ValentinesDay5 ValentinesDay6 ValentinesDay7 ValentinesDay8 ValentinesDay9 ValentinesDay10 ValentinesDay11 ValentinesDay12 ValentinesDay13 ValentinesDay14

Sweat, Disney Princesses, oh and more sweat.


I went for a run the other day and despite being outside for a mere 30 minutes (of complete hell) I got insanely dehydrated, sunstroke and some pretty unattractive tan lines where my vaccination plasters were*.

Thats right, the weather was so freaking sweltering that what should have been an enjoyable casual run turned into a round of Bikram sprint training (or at least it felt like it).

So, when the world has decided to channel its inner sauna, but you still want to keep up with those fitness goals, what should you wear?

My hot picks would have to be the following…

When you’re feeling brave, I would definitely opt for shorts. I know some people kid themselves that they “don’t look good in shorts”, but com’n people, if you are running, and you are hot, you’ve earn the damn right to wear shorts – no matter what they look like on you! (Plus, they look good anyway. You go girl. Believe me, not one single person is looking at you and thinking you shouldn’t be wearing them.) These Stella for Adidas pair are my go-to (in my head, because I don’t actually own them, but if I did, I would go-to them heaps).


If that fails and you are too self conscious to actually wear less clothing, I always follow the rule that if you look good, you feel good. (But I would, because I work in fashion and if I don’t tell you that then a small part of Karl Largerfeld dies.) So, opting for stylish pieces will actually make you feel better about your run, like these monochromatic print (that are oh-so on trend). Try going for some leggings with mesh details to add air flow, and singlets that are looser to avoid that gross fabric-sticking-to-me-because-i’m-way-too-sweaty feeling.


More importantly than any of that though, is water. Drink water. All the water.

Oh, and take off your plasters.

What I was in fact wearing was a pair of full length leggings (I don’t know what I was thinking) and a ratty old company T-shirt. However, if I had been wearing any of the above I probably would have run harder, faster and enjoyed it way more.

No, you’re right, I probably wouldn’t have. But at least I would have been a bit cooler (both meanings of the world apply here).

*The really embarrassing thing is, that isn’t even the first time I’ve had plaster-tan. Nope. The evil Disney Princess plaster (they were cheap ok) I was wearing a few months back left me with a huge white mark right on my knew all through the gorgeous summer beach weather – fail!



I don’t know if you all know this, maybe you’ve read some of my blog post or something. (Or maybe you have been just ignoring blatantly). But… guys, guys, guys… I am moving overseas in T-Minus four weeks.


In 29 days I’m getting out of here (sorry mum).

One of the things involved in getting ready for this seriously giant adventure is selling (almost) everything I own. And I mean everything. My mismatched jar collection (that may or may not still have almond butter remittance in it), my scuffed green brogues that are pretty much children’s shoes (my feet are freaking tiny) and every handbag I own (sad face).

Don’t tell the boy or anything, but in the midst of all this selling, its hard for a gal like me not to decide what my next purchases will be. And the conclusion I came to?

Everything from the latest Ruby collection. And I mean freaking everything. There is nothing like your favourite designer making an amazing Pre-Fall collection to give you premature home sickness.

RubyMonday3 RubyMonday2

And the worst bit? The actual Autumn and Winter collections (images coming asap) are insanely amazing too.

But worse that that? All my money is going to be spent of Typhoid jabs and anti-diarrhoea pills, so there literally isn’t any spare change for me to frivolously spend on soothes I really don’t need. (I can actually hear the collective sigh coming from the boy, the bestie and the mum.)

So, on this Monday, my dreams are filled with white lace tops, vertical striped sweaters and knitwear. But my reality is a fridge full of DukOral and a very sore arm.


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