Bucket loads of perving.

For those of you who haven’t yet discovered the joy that is The Coveteur, well quite frankly you need to get on to that shit.

The Coveteur is a fashion blog that takes you literally inside the closets of up to the minute fashion icons (like my current style crush, actress Ashley Madekwe), so you can get a close up look their style and amazing approach to fashion.

Ash Ash2 Ash3 Ash4 Ash5

As well as great pics (like these babies, from the website) and videos from the homes of celebs (yes that is Ashley’s house) and the fashion elite; it is also a community for fashion lovers, where they can collect and share favorite images; and it even “Get the Look” of a selection of pieces from the Coveteurs themselves.

So, perving at celebs, perving at clothes, and shopping in the comfort of your own home (aka on the couch eating leftovers and drinking excess green tea). Is there anything more fun than that?


No, is the answer you are looking for.

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