Sweet-fuelled agony.

My friends and I have a book club. Now before you ask me what we are reading, it’s not a reading book club (duh). It was an idea a friend of mine had years ago, and for about three meet ups we had books in mind. But it quickly became apart that our focus was never on the literature, it was on treats. So a ritual was formed. And even though we still call in book club, it should be called “a gathering in which we eat the amazing treats our friends have lovingly made until we feel sick”. Unfortunately that’s a bit long winded, but very accurate. Every book club at least half of us end up lying down, unbuttoning our trousers or clutching our stomachs in pain. The other half simply grunts in sweet-fuelled agony.


This month, between six of my lovely friends, there was a feast of…

Chocolate Nest Cake – This is basically a brownie like cake that sinks in the middle (on purpose), filled with chocolate cream and cover in whatever you like, my friend used Smarties! Seriously good. Also, a great option if you screw up cake… “Screw up? What do you mean? This heavily sunken cake is a NEST CAKE, don’t you know anything? FFS”

Savoury Biscotti – Think biscotti. Now think parmesan. Now think yum.

Scones, Whipped Cream & Mango Curd – By mango curd I mean amazing homemade, twice strained, mango curd. Aren’t my friends amazing AND dedicated?

Mini Pavlova, Cream & Passion fruit sauce Also amazing with the adding of the above curd. Yes, whenever possible we try to merge desserts. More is always better right?

Smoked Pumpkin & Paprika Dip (with sliced veggies for dipping) – We often have this kind of dish, a token healthy thing at the table to ease our sugar laden conscious. This was my contribution, so it was all paleo, even though I was giving myself a night off.

Bread, Cheese & Dip – Needles to say the cheese wedges tend to get bigger and bigger as the night progresses and usually ends with one person shoving the last triangle in their mouths bread-less (we don’t want to miss out on good cheese now do we).

Pineapple Lumps – That says it all really!

Needless to say, I gorged. And I think, after a week of eating well and pounding the pavement pretty hard, I totally deserved it.

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