Do you know what is better than snuggling up on the couch with a cuppa, a cosy jumper and an episode of Big Bang Theory*? Snuggling up on the couch with a cuppa, a cosy jumper WITH A CAT PRINTED ON IT and an episode of Big Bang Theory. In fact everything in life should probably have a cat embroidered on it somewhere, because life is just better with cats.

My slight obsession (read: worrying problem) with kitty clothing began when I fell in love with the infamous Kenzo jumper  (yes, yes, I know its not technically a cat, but it’s in the feline family and its an amazing chic/cute hybrid). So, it really hasn’t been around too long, but much like my love of peppermint tea and bikram yoga, I’m pretty sure this short fling will blossom into a full grown (life long) love affair.


I’m not high maintenance; I love and except all forms of cat-wear. But, of all the possible things that one can adorn with a cat (and there are many, I just goggled it), my favourite has to be the jumper. Preferably over-sized and almost unbearably warm.

So this Monday, I’m embracing my inner five year old and lust after any of these gorgeous numbers to cure my blues.

* Don’t judge me, Big Bang Theory is awesome. And the boy is into physics, so I’m pretty convinced I am in fact Penny, without the failing acting career, and he is my Leonard, without the stunted growth and lactose issues. Other than that, we are pretty much exactly the same people! Duh.


Left: Asos, Middle: Asos, Right: Forever 21

The month that was.


As well as my amazing birthday, August was filled with 90’s parties, cats and the start of some beautiful weather. Follow me on Instagram here to get up to the minute foodstagrams, fashion finds and maybe even a feline or two!

Playing with paleo.

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So, I’m going to admit it right here on the internet, I’m a fad diet freak. I haven’t tried them all (that sounds like way too much hard work), but I have thought long and damn hard about each and every juice detox/cabbage soup diet/fasting scenario out there.

This time its different. (Or it will be exactly the same and in a few weeks you can all point and laugh at my foolish claims of being a changed woman).

A friend of mine at work has been talking about her Paleo lifestyle for a while, initially I thought she was nuts. How could a life with out pasta every day possibly be worth living right? Wrong! So it is with great ambition, much recipe research and the occasional argument with the boy that I have decided to play around with Paleo. I say play around because I am far too unorganized and uncreative (and a little unwilling) to commit to a full Paleo diet, but if I try to eat Paleo 70-80% of the time – well I think I will be doing pretty well.

So, “what is Paleo?” I hear you cry. Or at least I hear my mother cry it because I know the concept of no wheat, no grains and no legumes throws her into a food spin. So just for you mum….

Paleo is a healthy lifestyle that tries to emulate that of the Paleolithic era (think cavemen), efore the agriculture boom etc. It’s a great diet for people who have intolerances or suffer from upset tummies. For a more detailed breakdown on what you can and can’t eat check out Robb Wolf’s website here (paleo extraordinaire). Basically, eat unrefined, real, clean food and run like the wind from anything processed.

Get it? No, me neither really. But I recon figuring it out along the way is half the fun.

So whether you want to join me, or just laugh at my attempts, here is the start of a Paleo(ish) path with a handful of amazing cheat meals at great restaurants thrown in for good measure.

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