People watching, fashion lusting and coffee drinking.


Do you know what’s better than every fashion show, front row seat and copious amounts of goody bags? The game of people watching outside the shows*.

Even when it isn’t fashion week, I love people watching, My friends and I do it while we catch up over flat whites (or green tea if we’re feeling healthy). But style spying at a fancy fashion show is probably the creme de la creme – it’s like people watching… but on acid.

Everyone is wearing better-than-Sunday best, and it’s like a competition to get onto a top notch street style blogs. What with New York, London and Milan fashion weeks going on at the moment, I’ve been spending every inch of my spare time lost in impeccably dressed ladies (and adding to my wardrobe wish list).

These are my favourite looking outfits from New York, London and Milan.

StreetStyle2 StreetStyle3 StreetStyle4 StreetStyle5StreetStyle6StreetStyle7StreetStyle8

Now to find myself a neon yellow coat, pelican clutch, white dungarees and an invite to Dior (front row – duh).

*To be fair, I’ve never been front row at a fancy London fashion week before, so maybe I’m just saying this to make me feel better. Yea, I totally am.

The month that was.


I am a little behind this month, but September was filled with New Zealand Fashion Week, loads of cauliflower pizza and a trip to the races. Follow me on Instagram here for (almost) daily pictorial updates on everything I am eating/wearing/doing. Oh yeah, and cats.

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