The story of an unfriendly drink.

Little Bird is a little (haha) “unbakery” in Kingsland. It boasts raw and healthy treats which are pretty much all gluten, dairy and refined sugar free. Perfect for a health conscious paleo like me (and maybe you). The boy and I have often dropped in, and always loved it.


The only set back? Every time we pop in, it’s so bustling and full, but with only a handful of seats it can be a rather long wait. It is however, worth it (if you can be bothered).

The other day we dropped in for breakfast. I ordered their take on bircher muesli with a green smoothie and the boy tucked into their raw sprouted buckwheat toast with smashed avocado and a green tea. First things first, as much as my dish was tasty, I had some serious food envy. The toast and avocado looked and tasted (yes I stole more than a bite) amazing. I would highly recommend it and it has since become my go to. It still baffles me how they manage to give the faux-bread the texture of toast, but they do. The seriously fresh avo, slathered in salt, pepper and lemon is zingy, creamy and topped with a crisp salad. My bircher was good too (but somehow managed to pale in comparison with the dish opposite it), it had plenty of nuts, seeds and large chunks of apple (in both grated and dried form). The berry compote style sauce was a great accompaniment.

This trip wasn’t all tasty delights though, unfortunately me and my smoothie were not friends. I admit however, it was me (and my ego’s) fault. On the smoothie menu (there are plenty to choose from) it warned that this particular green drink was however the most “green” you could ask for. Aka it was super duper healthy and not for the faint hearted. I saw this warning and thought to myself “you, my dear, are a glowing example of health, no matter what is in it you will find it super tasty because you are a health food guru”. Well I was wrong. To me, that smoothie just tasted bitter with a side of spinach. It took a lot for me to get through it. I am sure it cured me of every aliment known to man, but it was a step too far on the health scale for me! Maybe you however are braver?

All up, I love coming back to this place. They have a menu that chops and changes and a cabinet full of wholesome treats (the berry cheesecake is the bomb). When you want a great (but perhaps crowded) brunch with a side of feeling amazingly smug about the health factor of your food, head here.

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