I’m a huge advocate for New Zealand labels. I love this little country, and I seriously love discovering all the great things people are creating within it. One of those more recent discoveries has been a new(ish) label with some cool, quirky and original pieces in it. You are totally already in love too, right?

When I heard how the name of this boutique brand came about (‘Make Hearts Race’ – That feeling you get when you see a piece of clothing that you have to have, and will find any way to make it yours), I knew it was totally made for me.


Make Hearts Race provides high-end (read; beautifully made) garments designed and created right here, in NZ. All of the pieces are super limited, which is cute, and gives the feeling that you are adding a truly unique item to your wardrobe with every shop.

So, the best way to put a stop to that Monday morning headache is to head to and get completely lost in the latest fresh, exclusive and fun collection. To completely banish your morning mood, why not grab some of these amazing polka dot shorts (below) with a matching hat! It may not look like summer outside, but it doesn’t mean we can’t turn up the heating and dress up in these perfect pieces while we wait for the weather to catch up with our racing hearts.



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