The month that was.


April was a blur of fantastic sights, exotic food and complete exhaustion. For the last 57 days, I have traveled across 20 destinations and through 7 counties. All while snapping up a storm (and not finding much wifi…argh). Now it is back to reality, back to primal living and back to you guys (yay).

Follow me on Instagram here for what has been a hub of adventure selfless, and what will continue to be full of food, fashion and (maybe) some fitness.


The month that was.


2014 started with a month of strawberry picking, cooking classes, travel dreams and giant sombreros. Follow me on Instagram here for even more over sharing about what I eat, think and do.

The month that was.


December, the last month of 2013, was filled with wonderful wine, dinners over sunset, chia pudding experiments, fig and ginger gelato, museum dates, paleo Christmas food, brunch, Big Brother marathons and fresh fish lunches. Follow me on Instagram here for even more snapshots of whatever I’m stuffing in my face.


The month that was.


November has been filled with excessive green smoothie drinking, the worlds most beautiful wedding (yup, I am claiming that) and a wee bit of a half marathon. Follow me on Instagram here for heaps of pictorial updates on all of the crazy foods I make (above is an Eggplant burger… I know, I’m pretty amazing) and way too many duck face selfies.


The month that was.


Can you believe November has started already?!?! I hate it when people say this, but I am just going to own it… Where has this year gone?

October was a nice low key month, filled with running training, many many green smoothies and the start of amazing spring weather in Auckland. Follow me on Instagram here for nifty little snapshots and updates (mostly food related) on my day to day life.

The month that was.


I am a little behind this month, but September was filled with New Zealand Fashion Week, loads of cauliflower pizza and a trip to the races. Follow me on Instagram here for (almost) daily pictorial updates on everything I am eating/wearing/doing. Oh yeah, and cats.

The month that was.


From Milse trips to tulips, the last month has been a furry of fabulous food and fashion finds. Follow me on Instagram here for all of these shots (and oh so many more)!

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